Introducing the Weather Shield Aspire Series

Key Features & Benefits

Extruded Vinyl Clad Exteriors

  • Frame and sash are made of extremely durable extruded vinyl that never needs to be painted and will not dent, ding or chip.
  • For added strength and structural stability, the extruded vinyl exterior frame and sash corners are fusion-welded.
  • Available in the Four Most Popular Colors.
    Exterior Color Options

TriCore™ Frame Technology

  • Extreme thermal barrier that prevents the transfer of heat or cold to the inside of any room, providing exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Thick, multi-chambered components improve structural performance and greatly reduce expansion and contraction caused by warm and cold temperatures.
  • Fusion-welded sub frame virtually eliminates water or air infiltration at the frame or sash joints. Foam filled weather-stripping creates a weather tight seal from the sash to frame.

Symmetry Balance System™

  • The Aspire double hung window features our new Symmetry Balance System. This innovative coil balance technology offers greater performance than any other wood window in the category. Achieving a Class Three AAMA rating, you’ll experience super smooth, ultra quiet operational performance.
  • Double hungs open and close with very little effort and the coil balance is made with steel and other corrosion resistant parts.
  • Standard concealed vinyl jambliner or the optional concealed wood jambliner features superb architectural details and clean sightlines, while keeping the ultra smooth coil spring balance technology virtually hidden away.

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