Caswell Window & Door Co.

High Quality Windows & Doors in Flint, MI

For over 50 years, Caswell Window & Door Co. has made a name for itself offering the highest quality customer service and workmanship in the industry. Unlike many window and door companies in the Michigan area, Caswell never sub-contracts out their work and is capable of handling any job, no matter how complex. With experience in window selection, installation and finishing as well as retention, enhancement and altering of the home’s architectural character, Caswell Window & Door Co. takes pride in every job they do and passes that dedication to their customers.


The Caswell Window & Door Co. motto is “Select only optimal materials, installed by professionals committed to a tradition of craftsmanship." This motto has guided the company through every job they complete, large or small. If you want to experience the personal quality of Caswell Window & Door Co., call them today!

Products & Services

  • Wood windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Fiberglass windows
  • Exterior clad windows
  • Composite windows
  • New construction and replacement windows


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