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Selecting Energy-Efficient Windows – What to Look For

Jun 13

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Selecting Energy-Efficient Windows – What to Look For

Whether you are looking to protect the environment or simply save money, there are many great reasons to purchase energy-efficient windows. The rise in popularity of energy-efficient windows has led to most window companies proclaiming that their windows are energy-efficient and will save you anywhere between 30 and 50 percent on your energy bills.

So how do you determine who is telling you the truth and who is simply selling you marketing hype? It is easy if you know what to look for when selecting energy-efficient windows.

There are several components of a window that can influence how energy-efficient it is. The main ones are:


Some styles and components of windows are more energy-efficient than others.  For example, casement windows and picture windows are typically more energy-efficient than other styles of window. Additionally, fiberglass windows are generally more energy-efficient than wood, aluminum, and vinyl windows.


Some types of glass are more energy-efficient than others. For example, Weather Shield’s Zo-e-shield glass saves energy and protects your home’s interior. Our Zo-e-shield glass has multiple low-E coatings and an inert gas-filled airspace to provide superior energy efficiency.

In addition to glazing options, windows with multiple panes of glass are typically more energy-efficient than windows with a single pane of glass. When shopping for energy-efficient windows, always be sure to check that there is insulating gas between the panes of glass. Without the insulating gas, the energy efficiency improvement is minimal.


It is important to make sure that any windows you are buying have insulated frames. Hollow frames do little to slow the transfer of heat, which negatively impacts a window’s energy efficiency.


Arguably the most important part of ensuring your windows are energy-efficient is hiring a company with a lot of experience installing windows. Even the most energy-efficient window can do little to help you decrease your energy bills if it is not installed properly. All gaps between the window and the window frame should be sealed to eliminate unwanted airflow between the interior and exterior of your home.

Are Weather Shield’s Windows Energy-Efficient?

Our windows are designed to be extremely energy-efficient. We even go the extra mile to manufacture our windows in an environmentally friendly manner. We incorporate many features into our windows to improve their energy efficiency. In fact, our windows can contribute to points required for LEED certification.

Learn More About Our Energy-Efficient Windows

If you would like to more information on our energy-efficient window options or would like to have new windows installed in your home or business, contact us today to speak with one of our window experts or find a local Weather Shield dealer to schedule a consultation. 

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