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How To Decorate With Windows and Doors: Part One

Jan 4

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When it comes to decorating you probably think of things like paint color, flooring, or window coverings. But what about the windows themselves? As one of your home’s major features, the windows you choose have a big impact on your home’s interior and exterior design. 


Add Impact and Architectural Detail with Specialty Shape Windows


Windows don’t have to be rectangles. Instead think circles, pentagons, triangles, trapezoids, and custom geometric shapes. Add a half circle above your front door, or an octagon in your dormer. Get creative and see what a difference specialty windows can make! Visit the Weather Shield Inspiration Design Gallery for ideas.



Use Bows or Bays to Create a Cozy Nook

Nothing adds ambience to a room like the gentle curves of a bow window or the dramatic angles of a bay window. The focal point of any room, bows and bays extend beyond the wall’s exterior, creating a deep interior window sill. Top the sill with a soft cushion and you have a cozy place to read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee. Or, use the area to display plants, photos, or family mementos.


Bay Window Image


Capture the View with a Wall of Windows

A wall of windows is a spectacular way to frame a beautiful view and bring in more light. You can create this high-end look on a budget by stacking standard window styles and sizes. The result is stunning, both inside and out. Talk with your local Weather Shield dealer to learn more. To find a dealer, visit and enter your zip code at the top of the page.


Wall of Windows Image 


Stay tuned for my next post—part two of How to Decorate with Windows and Doors—to learn how to enhance your home with French and sliding patio doors.

How have you used windows as design elements in your home? Post a picture and/or share your story here!

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