Weather Shield® Exterior Entrance Doors

Smooth Steel
Heavy 22 gauge steel panels with steel wrapped edges. Polyurethane foam core insulates better that a solid wood door.


Steel Panel Options

Panels without glass

Panels with glass

Glazing Options

Glazing Options



Tired of squeaky door hinges that don’t operate smoothly? Tired of that black, powdery mess most hinges leave behind on your door trim and often times on your flooring? Those issues are eliminated with our exterior door. Why? Because ball-bearing hinges are standard on all of our doors.

Multi-Point Locking System

  • North American designed dead bolt configuration with 90 degree thumb turn
  • Active hardware is available in a 3-point hook latching mechanism with independent dead bolt for secure performance
  • “Duo-Glide” lock mechanism is superior to standard single drive systems. The “Duo-Glide” two-way action balances the lock system providing smoother, quieter, and easier operation. “Duo-Glide” allows the lock points to engage in tension rather than compression thereby reducing stress on other elements of the lock system for longer life.
  • Center latch can be reversed with the hardware installed in the door
  • When dead bolt is activated, center latch cannot be depressed thus producing an added measure of security
  • Anti-back drive feature prevents tampering with deadbolt and remote lock points
  • Wear strip prevents marring of center strike plate

  • Factory Finishes

    Factory applied paints & stains ensure quality, lasting performance Add the finishing touch to your exterior door with a custom finish. Available in many paint and stain colors to match your home’s décor. Factory-trained painters and stainers use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your exterior door will maintain that beautiful appearance for years to come.

    Panel Paint Colors

    Clad Frame Colors

    Also available as panel paint colors

    Frame Options

    Clad Frame Colors

    Also available as panel paint colors

    Sill Options

    2D Section Drawings

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    Inswing Entry Doors - Clad Frame
    Outswing Entry Doors - Clad Frame
    Inswing Entry Doors - Wood Frame
    Outswing Entry Doors - Wood Frame

    Door Configurations

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    Door Handing Options

    Opening Specifications

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    Opening Specifications