Whether you’re building a house or replacing existing windows, you most likely have questions. Below are some of the most common questions asked when undergoing a building project or when buying windows and doors

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Choosing a Professional
Do I need an architect?
How can I locate a design or building professional?
How do I evaluate my candidates?
What about alternatives to architects?
General Questions
How often should residential windows be replaced?
What are today’s windows and doors made of?
What does “cladding” mean?
Glass, Glazing and Grilles
How do I know what type of glazing is right for a window?
What are grilles?
What are the advantages of airspace and perimeter grilles?
What different grille options are available?
What do U-values and R-values really mean?
What does Low E stand for?
What is an impact-resistant glass window?
What is the difference between Simulated and True Divided Lite?
Who should have impact-resistant glass in their home?
Will impact-resistant glass prevent intruders from breaking into my home?