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Weather Shield Announces New Push Out Casement Window


Weather Shield Windows and Doors has announced the introduction of an all-new Push Out Casement Window as an additional offering in their Premium Series.  Like the other casement windows in this line, the new Push Out Casement uses the Tri-Core™ frame as its foundation, and a standard multi-point locking system, both of which add to the window’s efficiency.  The Push Out Casement operates easily with the turn of a level and an outward push.  Because of the lack of a crank handle, the simple hardware allows for low-profile interior wood stops, giving the window a sleek, contemporary look.

The new Push Out Casement has highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinges and locking hardware.  The multi-point locking system secures the sash in multiple locations, ensuring a tight seal and high level of security.

Perhaps the most interesting items included with this window are the specially designed friction hinges, which are adjustable after installation.  Tension can be fine-tuned to these hinges to hold the sash in place when open.

The configurations available include single units, multi-wide units, and the ever-popular French style.  Matching transoms and picture windows are available to complement the operating window(s).  In order to appease many architectural designs, this new window is available in a large range of sizes, all the way up to 3’-6” X 7’-0”.


The screen options are one of the things that make this window truly unique.  Because fixed screens are not available (after all, how would you open the window?), Weather Shield offers a high-quality retractable screen that is undetectable when retracted, yet ready for use with an effortless downward pull.  This factory installed screen system is integrated into the window frame, which allows for the maximum clear opening.  With a single touch, the screen retracts smoothly and quietly using a spring coil system.

Another option is a hinged screen.  It’s made from the same solid, hand-crafted wood species and finish used for the window, offering a beautiful, unique look.  The hinged screen uses a lift-off hinge, allowing the screen to be easily removed.  And finally, a magnetic closure ensures that the screen remains firmly in the closed position.

To find out how you can get the new Weather Shield Premium Series Push Out Casement window, go to and select the dealer locator at the top of the screen, or call 1-800-222-2995 for more information.

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