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Choosing Windows for Your New Home Addition

If you’re working on the final details of your home addition, choosing new windows is one aspect you can’t neglect. Windows provide warmth, light, ventilation and a view to the outside. They also greatly impact the appearance of your home addition, both from the inside and the outside.

Use this starter guide to help you know what characteristics to look for when choosing new windows for your home addition.
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Window Styles & Materials for Ranch Style Homes

Springing into popularity following World War II, ranch homes were originally built for soldiers returning from the war. Veterans wanted affordable, unpretentious homes to start their families in. The ranch style spread across the country, resulting in a few distinct variations. 
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Best Windows for Victorian Style Homes

The Victorian style got its name from Queen Victoria, whose rule roughly corresponds to the era when these homes were most popular (1830s to early 1900s). The industrial revolution spurred the change in architectural styles from Classical to more ornate details. For the first time, it became possible to adorn homes on a grand scale, and people ran with the idea.
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