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The Best Way to Clean Your Windows

Once you complete the easy task of cleaning your windows, your home will feel bright and fresh. Follow these tips to learn the best way to wash windows and avoid common pitfalls of DIY window cleaning.
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American Made Windows

Are you thinking of replacing your windows soon? Weather Shield manufactures windows right here in the US so your purchase remains domestic. With so many US jobs shipped overseas these days, it’s no wonder you’re making it a priority to buy American made products.
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What Are Double Hung Windows?

Whether you’re replacing your home’s existing windows or choosing a style to install in your new home, double hung windows are certainly worth considering. As a long-established style, double hung windows are some of the most widely recognized windows available today.

Features of Double Hung Windows

In double hung windows, both the upper and lower sashes can slide up and down past one another. This is different from single hung windows that have only one moveable sash. This dual, independent movement is made possible by two grooves in the side jambs.

Some double hung windows have a full screen while others have only a half screen that you must position according to how you open the window. Each sash may be a solid pane of glass, or for added style, they may be divided by
decorative muntins set between the panes of glass. Glazing is also available to improve energy efficiency and provide UV protection for your furnishings.
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Vinyl vs. Wood Windows

What do you know about two of the most popular window materials? Vinyl and wood windows both dominate the marketplace because of the great benefits they each provide.

Vinyl windows constructed from PVC were first introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to wood windows. Even with this relative newcomer to compete with, wood remains one of the most popular window materials to this day. Here’s a look at vinyl vs. wood windows and how they compare in the most important areas.
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Recent Project: 2700 University

Still under construction, the mixed-use 2700 University project in the Twin Cities features Visions Series windows and patio doors. 
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What Are Casement Windows?

When it comes to choosing the right new windows for your home, you have many considerations to make, including the operating style you prefer. Casement windows are popular in contemporary homes because of their unique operation. Are they right for your home? Learn more about casements windows to help you decide.

Casement Windows

Unlike sliders and double-hung windows, casements don’t slide up or down. Instead, they pivot outward like a door with the help of hinges located on either the right or left side of the window. You turn a small crank located at the bottom of the interior window frame to open and close the window. Some models allow you to remove the crank when not in use to prevent children from tampering with it.

Casements can be installed individually, as a pair, or part of a larger window configuration such as bay or bow windows. Whatever layout you choose, casement windows are sure to add beauty and beneficial ventilation to your home.
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What Are Bay Windows?

As you compare different window styles that you might want in your new home, you’re wise to consider bay windows. This architectural style features three windows that jut outward from the square dimensions of the room. You see a lot of bay windows in San Francisco and Victorian style homes.
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With this architectural option, the middle window runs parallel to the walls inside while the two surrounding windows are angled inward. The installation typically hangs about 2 to 3 feet off the foundation. Bay windows can also be installed on the second floor of your home.
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What Are Vinyl Windows?

In the mid-20th century, manufacturers first introduced vinyl windows as a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood windows. The material is made out of PVC, a durable plastic material with seemingly unlimited applications.

Over the past few decades, many improvements in the manufacturing process, quality of vinyl used and customizable options have made vinyl windows a more viable choice than ever. If you think vinyl windows could be right for your home, learn more about the material first.
Vinyl Double-Hung Windows   Vinyl Casement Windows   Vinyl Awning Windows
Vinyl Sliding Windows            Vinyl Special Shape Windows
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Weather Shield's Window Operating Control Devices Help Prevent Falls

The Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council are marking National Window Safety Week this week to help parents and caregivers learn how they can prevent children from falling from open windows. Weather Shield offers Window Operating Control Devices (WOCD) to aid in prevention.
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What Is Low-E Glass?

If you’re tired of dealing with the leaky, hard-to-open windows in your home, it’s time to consider replacements. Depending on which new windows you choose, you could end up benefiting tremendously from the upgrade.

One option is to install low-E glass. Windows with this coating cost a little more upfront, but the benefits are well worth it.
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National Window Safety Week: April 3-9

Each year, many children are injured and even die by falling from open windows. The Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council observes National Window Safety Week the first full week of April each year to help raise awareness of ways parents and caregivers can prevent falls from windows while keeping windows accessible for emergency escape routes.
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