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Wide Open Spaces: Make a Statement with Oversized Windows and Doors

7/8/2019 11:15:19 AM

Three benefits to incorporating Weather Shield Windows & Doors into your next project – and it’s more than just for looks.

Designers and architects have a wide variety of options when it comes to creating homes. One of the most important decisions is the selection of windows and doors, which have the power to define a home’s look and feel.
In an effort to have their homes be unique, homeowners are demanding innovative window and door options that both make a statement and help integrate the outdoors with their indoor living spaces. Oversized windows and doors do just that.

Achieving a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors can be as easy as pressing a button due to advanced technology available on the market today.But the benefits of bringing the outdoors in extend far beyond aesthetics and convenience. Designers should consider incorporating oversized windows and doors whenever possible. Beyond changing the mood of a given space, they canbenefit homeowners in the following three ways, too.
Positive Effects on Health: The Importance of Sunlight and Access to the Outdoors 
When thinking about unplugging or needing a vacation, our imaginations often take us to the outdoors – whether it’s hiking in the woods, relaxing on the beach or exploring paths on a long walk. Humans are wired with the drive to experience the outdoors and connect with nature. 
Yet, as more people move to cities and sprawl continues, we are further distancing ourselves from nature. These urban and suburban environments offer a more convenient lifestyle, but the tradeoff can carry a heavy price. Limited access to the outdoors is associated with decreased mood, cognition and health. While most people agree that access to technology has more positive effects than negative, studies estimate that the negatives will outweigh the positives in as little as a decade.
In recent years, society has become more isolated, disconnected and dependent on digital interference. Attention spans are down. Mental health is declining. Social skills are failing. More than two-thirds of people already live in urban environments where access to the outdoors is limited. Simply living in the city has been shown to cause higher rates of anxiety, boredom, mood disorders, sleep disturbances and weakened immune systems. 
When designing a home, there are a surprising number of ways to take homeowner health into consideration. Oversized windows and doors offer easier access and more visibility to the outdoors and can help dramatically reduce some of the previously mentioned health issues.
Energy Efficiency
New building codes and technology advancements have already helped make buildings more energy efficient with a lower carbon footprint. With state and local governments eyeing adoption of energy efficient building codes in the coming years, now is the ideal time for designers to start incorporating products that help drive a more sustainable future. Specifying oversized doors and windows can improve a building’s energy ratings by helping to regulate temperature and to minimize heating and cooling needs.
Accessibility for All
Universal design is here to stay. Creating spaces that are easier for all occupants to access – regardless of age or ability – is a priority for designers and occupants alike. Automated oversized windows and doors are a solution for universal design specification in both residential and commercial spaces, especially when considering the limitation traditional windows and doors can pose for older people and those with physical limitations. A window or door that operates at the push of a button is much easier to use, and makes that element of a home or building accessible to anyone.
Make a Statement
Whether you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece of your next design or want to bring some existing plans to the next level, Weather Shield has plenty of amazing window and door offerings that can help make every single one of your projects an absolute masterpiece.
Learn more about how Weather Shield’s windows and doors can elevate your project by calling us directly at 800-538-8836 or by locating your nearest Weather Shield dealer.
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