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What Causes Window Condensation?

Have you ever wondered why condensation forms on your windows and what you can do to prevent this from happening?

Window condensation occurs through a combination of the moisture in the air and the temperature. Often, window condensation is nothing to be concerned about as it occurs naturally when extreme temperature differences exist between the interior and exterior of your home or if the air outside the home is very moist. Glass is a water barrier, so when humid or extreme weather conditions exist, window condensation naturally occurs.
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Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

Windows are one of the most important pieces of your home. They can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your home, your home’s energy efficiency and your comfort. However, over time your windows start to deteriorate and you will find yourself needing window replacement. Buying high-quality replacement windows is always a good investment, but finding a reputable window replacement contractor is just as important. Even the best-quality windows will only perform as well as they are installed.

With so many window replacement contractors out there, you must be asking yourself “How do I know I’m picking a trustworthy replacement window contractors?” Finding a reputable replacement window contractor is simple if you do the proper research.
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Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

As a relative newcomer to the window scene, fiberglass windows are often forgotten. Although often ignored, there are several benefits to installing fiberglass windows in your home. They are low energy, low maintenance windows and have exceptional durability.

The benefits of fiberglass windows are many, including:
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Benefits of Custom Windows

Unlike standard windows, custom windows allow you to create exactly the windows you need or want for your home or business.  Weather Shield offers a full line of custom window options with millions of color and styling options. You may be interested in reading more about:

To learn more about custom windows available from a Weather Shield dealer near you: 


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Are Your Home’s Windows Energy Efficient?

Checking the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows

Unsure if you have energy efficient windows? Checking the energy efficiency of your windows is simple. Most windows have NFRC labels that list the properties of the window. This label will provide you with energy efficiency information such as air leakage, condensation resistance, U-Value, and more.
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Window Replacement Tips

Window replacement can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal, comfort, and energy efficiency – all of which contribute not only to your personal satisfaction with your home, but also bolster your ability to sell your home  in the future. Window replacement can increase your home’s value and also decrease the amount of time it takes to sell.
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When Should You Consider Replacing Your Windows?

The signs telling you it’s time to replace your windows are obvious, right? Not always! There are several warning signs that can go unnoticed to the untrained eye. If you are unsure whether you should replace your windows or not, look for and test the following:
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