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Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

8/16/2012 2:28:00 PM

As a relative newcomer to the window scene, fiberglass windows are often forgotten. Although often ignored, there are several benefits to installing fiberglass windows in your home. They are low energy, low maintenance windows and have exceptional durability.

The benefits of fiberglass windows are many, including:

  • Strength and durability – unlike other types of windows, fiberglass windows do not expand, warp, crack or rot. Fiberglass is resistant to extreme heat and cold – which is why it does not expand or crack – and is resistant to chemicals. Perhaps best of all, fiberglass windows are very low maintenance. Unlike wood windows which must be scraped and painted, fiberglass windows will not peel, fade or lose their color. With basic maintenance, your fiberglass windows will last for decades.
  • Energy savings – fiberglass is a superior insulating material compared to other more common window components. Unlike other window composites, fiberglass windows do not require a thermal barrier and since they do not expand or contract, there is less air leakage than there typically is with other kinds of windows.
  • Aesthetics fiberglass clad wood windows offer the look of wood windows on the interior with several exterior color options to match your home’s exterior look. We have several wood grain selections for the window’s interior to give you greater flexibility in matching your home’s interior décor.
  • Low environmental impact making fiberglass windows uses significantly less energy than the manufacturing of other types of windows. Fiberglass windows tend to last longer than other window materials, meaning you have to replace them less often, decreasing the amount of natural resources used over the life of your home. Best of all, fiberglass is made of silica sand, which is one of the most abundant resources on earth.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to upgrade your home’s comfort and value, fiberglass windows are an excellent option. Fiberglass windows typically cost more than other types of windows, but with the extended life expectancy and lack of maintenance requirements, they are a great investment for your home or business long term.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of fiberglass windows, contact us directly or find a local Weather Shield dealer today!

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