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Window Replacement Tips

8/10/2012 2:04:00 PM

Window replacement can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal, comfort, and energy efficiency – all of which contribute not only to your personal satisfaction with your home, but also bolster your ability to sell your home  in the future. Window replacement can increase your home’s value and also decrease the amount of time it takes to sell.

Purchasing replacement windows , however, is not as easy as simply picking out what looks best at the local supply store. Selecting the wrong windows could be a frustrating – and costly - mistake. Before purchasing replacement windows, Weather Shield would like to offer these important window replacement tips to ensure you make an informed purchase:

  • Buy only quality replacement windows with a reliable warranty – Before purchasing replacement windows, carefully research the warranty provided by the manufacturer and the installation company. Important warranty provisions to note are: length of warranty, whether installation is included, transferability, and exclusions.
  • Consult with window replacement professionals – Purchasing replacement windows from industry trained professionals will ensure you are getting the best information available about a window’s performance. Window experts will also have more tips for selecting the correct windows for your home rather than just trying to sell you a generic window that may not be the best fit for your home’s needs.
  • Choose replacement windows that are designed to meet exact measurements – Window replacement should be not only an investment in your home’s appearance, but also its comfort and energy efficiency . Custom-made windows that are manufactured to exact measurements will guarantee that your windows fit exactly into the opening. With the proper fit of custom windows , there is less opportunity for unwanted air flow into and out of the home.
  • Have your replacement windows installed by professional installers – A high-quality replacement window’s benefits are only as good as the team that installs it. Choosing window replacement specialists can help ensure that your replacement windows are installed properly. For further benefit, choose a company that includes installation as a part of the warranty. A warranty that simply replaces faulty windows, but does not cover installation can cost you thousands.
  • Consider styling, composition, and maintenance requirements – When it comes to styling and materials, everyone has their own tastes, so choose what works best for you. If you are unsure about the windows at the time of purchase, it is likely that you will later regret your decision. Style and composition of windows can have varying levels of maintenance, so it is important to keep this in mind.

Following these window replacement tips will help ensure that you select the windows that best fit your home, your budget, and your lifestyle. Choosing your window provider is almost as important as the windows themselves. If you are considering replacement window installation for your home, contact your local Weather Shield dealer for quality replacement windows installed by highly-trained windows professionals.

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