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Window Repair Vs. Replacement

8/27/2013 8:19:47 AM

So it has finally happened. Your windows have broken again and you are wondering whether you should continue repairing them or bite the bullet and opt for new replacement windows. This is a common question among replacement window shoppers. Purchasing brand new windows can be an expensive—although worthwhile—investment in your home’s appearance and market value, but how do you know when you should repair or replace?

To make the decision easier, we’ve compiled this window replacement checklist. If your windows have two or more of the following problems, window replacement is probably a better solution than repair:

  • Broken glass
  • Cracked glass
  • Sashes stuck in place
  • Water infiltration
  • Cracked, loose, or rotting exterior trim
  • Rotting or broken muntins
These problems all represent serious problems with your windows that are not easily repaired. Latches, locks, handles, and, in some instances, sashes can all be easily repaired with readily available replacement parts. Repairing broken glass or rotting muntins, however, is a much more arduous task for even window repair professionals.

Generally, if you have most of the issues listed above, your windows are old and have served their purpose well for many years. Investing in replacement windows provides a number of benefits for your home; including:
  • Increased home value
  • Easier operation
  • Better energy efficiency
  • UV protective glass
  • And more!

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