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Contemporary Windows: Casement vs. Awning

8/25/2015 4:51:34 PM

When it’s time to upgrade your windows, you undoubtedly want a beautiful, functional energy-efficient replacement. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, contemporary windows are certainly the way to go. But what type is best? Two popular choices are casement and awning windows. See how the two compare to help you make your final decision.

Contemporary Casement Windows

Have you ever seen windows that swing outward with the help of a cranking mechanism? If the hinges are located on the side of the window so it opens like a door, you’re looking at a casement window. This is a very popular type of window for many good reasons:
  • Easy to operate: The built-in crank makes it easy to open the window with one hand. There’s no need to put all your weight into pushing the window open. This makes it great for above countertops or behind furniture.
  • Energy efficient: Casement windows are generally considered the most efficient operable window available. An airtight seal is created when you close the window, preventing conditioned air from leaking out and wasting energy.
  • Great for ventilation: While all operable windows let in at least a little breeze, the pivoting operation of a casement window entices breezes to enter from all directions.
  • Super secure: Because of internal gears, casement windows can only open with a crank. This means it’s impossible to open the window from the outside, even when it’s unlocked. You can also make the window impossible to open from inside if you remove the crank, making it a good choice for upstairs windows or kids’ bedrooms.
  • Versatile: You have nearly endless combinations of interior finishes, exterior colors, hardware and materials to choose from.

Contemporary Awning Windows

Another crank-style window is called an awning window. It’s different from a casement window because the hinges are located on the top. You have many reasons to choose this window style for your home:
  • Easy to operate: The same easy-to-open benefit exists with this crank-style window, making it ideal for over the sink or behind furniture.
  • Operable even when it’s raining: Because of the way awning windows swing outward, they allow rain to slide right off without getting the interior wet. Unless the wind picks up, you can enjoy the smell of rain from inside by keeping the windows open without fear of water intrusion.
  • Great for privacy and security: Since awning windows tend to be smaller than standard windows, they are often installed higher on the wall. This lets natural light shine in without compromising your privacy, making awning windows great for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Versatile: You have just as many great choices to customize awning windows as you do with casement windows.

Contemporary Windows from Weather Shield

All of Weather Shield’s modern windows in our Contemporary Collection come with the most desirable benefits, including high efficiency glass and durable frame materials made right here in the US. For help choosing between casement and awning windows for your home or business, please contact us or find a dealer near you.

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