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Do Replacement Windows Really Save Money?

12/31/2013 1:09:00 PM

You’ve seen the ads on television, in the mail, and even online—“Save 30% with new windows,” “Reduce your energy bills by 50% with new replacement windows” and so on.

But are these claims true? The answer, unfortunately, is ‘it depends.’ In fact, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has made it a priority to crack down on windows’ energy efficiency claims because these across-the-board claims of energy savings are not accurate in all situations.
Many things must be taken into consideration when determining exactly how much energy replacement windows will save, including age and condition of your existing windows, number of windows in your home, and the quality of the window purchased.
Unfortunately for consumers, there are a number of local window manufacturers out there that manufacture low-quality windows that are not independently tested or certified to back up the claims they make in regards to energy savings. The best defense against this is to be a well-educated shopper that is familiar with the materials, features, and ratings necessary to achieve ENERGY STAR certified status.

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How Do Replacement Windows Save Money?

Replacement windows savings are based on the assumption that the windows you are replacing are less efficient than the windows you will be replacing them with. This is accurate for the majority of window replacement projects as many energy efficiency advancements have been made in the window industry in the last decade.

Modern energy-efficient replacement windows save you money in a variety of ways. The most common energy saving features found on windows today are:

Window Technologies

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  • Multi-Paned Glass – unlike windows in the past that were simply a single sheet of glass embedded in a frame, modern windows generally utilize two or more panes of glass with an insulating layer of gas in between.
  • Window Glazing – window glazing, like our Zo-e-shield® glass, is designed to reflect much of the sun’s heat and UV-A/UV-B radiation. Our Zo-e-shield® glass solutions also incorporate edge spacers made of low-conductive materials to insulate against cold air flow and condensation.
  • Advanced Materials – decades ago, windows were designed almost exclusively for functionality, with no regard for energy efficiency. For this reason, aluminum was a common choice for windows because it was affordable and durable, despite not being energy-efficient. Today, advanced vinyl and fiberglass frames and insulators are available to improve the energy efficiency of replacement windows.
  • Weather Stripping weather stripping will help seal your windows and prevent the intrusion of air around movable building components like doors and windows. Weather stripping is typically not included in the windows themselves, but a reputable window contractor should always seal your new windows with weather stripping to maximize their energy saving features.

These features, options, and best practices will help most homeowners save considerably on their energy bills. The best way to know exactly how much new replacement windows can save is to have a comprehensive home energy assessment or, at a minimum, an in-home consultation with a replacement window expert. Learn more about how energy efficient windows work »

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