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Best Windows for Townhomes

If you own a townhome or are building a new construction unit, selecting the windows is an extremely important decision. Homeowners and professional remodelers alike should know the benefits of different types and materials of windows before selecting the best replacement windows. Because townhomes can be narrow and usually allow for light from just two exterior walls, selecting windows that provide excess natural light, ventilation, and security is crucial.
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Advantages of Awning Windows

Awning windows, much like casement windows, open outward. Unlike a casement window, however, an awning window opens with a top hinge instead of a side hinge. Awnings are very popular and have many benefits over other styles of windows, such as improved ventilation, and design versatility. 
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Advantages of Double Hung Windows

Are you considering replacing your home’s windows? Double hung windows are a great selection and come with many benefits—in fact, they are one of the most common styles of windows on the market. Double hung windows have two sashes in the window frame that can move up and down and also tilt in. 
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Common Window Screen Problems

Your windows, let alone your window screens, are likely something you don’t think about too often in your home…until there is a problem or they require repair. Windows and screens are quite durable and can take normal wear and tear but most homeowners will run into some type of window screen problem eventually. Below, we’ve outlined the most common window screen problems—keep reading to learn more or use our dealer search tool to find a Weather Shield dealer in your area! 
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