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Common Window Screen Problems

12/12/2014 8:47:00 AM

Your windows, let alone your window screens, are likely something you don’t think about too often in your home…until there is a problem or they require repair. Windows and screens are quite durable and can take normal wear and tear but most homeowners will run into some type of window screen problem eventually. Below, we’ve outlined the most common window screen problems—keep reading to learn more or use our dealer search tool to find a Weather Shield dealer in your area! 

Holes in Screens

Whether you have pets, pests, children, or simply put a hole in your window screen during normal cleaning or care, holes in the screens can be the most noticeable problem. While holes in your window screen don’t increase security concerns, they can let bugs and other debris in while you have your windows open and ventilated. Particles that make it through the hole in your screen can clog your HVAC system and decrease the quality of air cycling through your home.


This problem has a fairly easy remedy—especially compared to bent frames (outlined below)—and often homeowners just need to replace the mesh screen in the window frame.


Worn Out Screens

Just like your windows and most appliances/fixtures in your house, screens can start to show wear and tear over the years. From taking a beating from brutal winter ice and harsh summer storms, your screens can start to wear thin, develop holes, or sag. While worn screens don’t need to be replaced in order to operate your window as normal, replacing them can increase the value of your home and ease your mind.

Broken or Bent Frames

The most noticeable (largely because it’s the most visible) problem with window screens is when the frames get bent or broken. Whether it is caused by a rogue football tossed in your backyard or when you’re in a rush trying to put the screen back into place, window screen frames can easily be fixed by a professional to ensure that your home remains secure and your windows can be operational again.

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If you are looking for a trustworthy window contractor in your area, Weather Shield can help. Our dealer locator will help you find a window replacement contractor in your area and will even let you know if they have a showroom available to view their selection of Weather Shield windows and doors. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will recommend a dealer in your area.

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