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High End Windows

3/20/2016 4:08:08 PM

Are you tired of drafty, unattractive, hard-to-operate windows? You could definitely benefit from installing high-end windows in the place of old, rotting, single-pane windows. Many brands and styles fall into the high-end category, including the Weather Shield Contemporary Collection. These windows share many of the same characteristics that make them high-performance, low-maintenance and beautiful to behold. Here’s what to look for as you choose new high-end windows for your home.

Attractive Appearance

One major reason to invest in new windows is to improve the appearance of your home, both inside and out. Their addition to your home can boost curb appeal and add value if you ever decide to sell.

Windows from the Contemporary Collection have the perfect look to complement your modern home. Extruded aluminum exteriors come in a wide range of custom colors to match the house paint and satisfy your personal preference. Warm wood interiors come in several different species with various finish and paint options to suit your desires.

Efficient Performance

Any home upgrade that improves efficiency is welcome, since higher efficiency means lower energy bills. Window glazing is what makes the biggest difference in terms of energy efficiency. Double-pane windows are a must, and even triple-pane upgrades are worth the extra cost if you live in a cold climate. Low-e coatings, insulated window panes and other technologies improve efficiency for lower energy bills.

The Contemporary Collection comes with 10 glazing options, the most efficient of which is the Zo-e-shield® Safeguard Certified window. This exclusive Weather Shield glazing system features multiple layers of low-e coating, a gas-filled insulating airspace, EasyCare® surface coating and Real Warm Edge® spacers for maximum window performance.

Low Maintenance

The best types of windows are the ones you can install and forget about. High-end windows are made of premium materials that don’t need to be sanded or repainted over the years. This saves you hassle and money in the long run.

The extruded aluminum exteriors of the Contemporary Collection come in the color you choose and retain this hue for years to come. Knowing your windows will preserve their beauty over the long term gives you greater peace of mind when you make your upgrade.

Quality Hardware

Hinges, locks and knobs are important facets of effortless window function. Choose high-end windows that come with hardware designed to resist rusting and corroding when they come in contact with water.

Casement and awning windows in the Contemporary Collection feature nested folding handles for easy operation and a slim, out-of-sight design when not in use. Locking levers are unobtrusive, yet hold the window securely in the locked position. A variety of colors and finishes complement the hardware already present in your home.


When it comes to high-end windows, one size doesn’t fit all. Sure, everyone wants efficient, low-maintenance windows, but the window operation type, material, color, trim and finish are all based on personal preferences. As you choose a collection to select your new windows from, find one with vast options for customizability so you can make your windows your very own.
As you’ve already seen, the Contemporary Collection boasts an impressive number of ways to customize your selection. From interior and exterior finishes to hardware and trim options, there are literally thousands of window configurations to choose from.

Don’t settle for decent windows when you can install high-end windows from the Weather Shield Contemporary Collection. To learn more about these windows and other products from Weather Shield, feel free to contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you.

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