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Made by Me Program Rewards Employees' Quality and Commitment

3/6/2016 3:00:10 PM

Weather Shield encourages our manufacturing employees to be attuned to quality through measures such as our “Made by Me” program.

We at Weather Shield know superior product quality and great service are a must; our customers demand nothing less. Our production employees are among the most skilled, dedicated craftspeople in the industry and quality assurance measures are built into our processes.
Yet, we cannot take quality for granted. So, we encourage our manufacturing employees to be attuned to quality through measures such as our “Made by Me” program, which recognizes Weather Shield team members who demonstrate commitment, a positive attitude, attention to detail, and a desire to do their job well.
Each month, six outstanding team members – one from our Park Falls facility, two from Ladysmith, and three from Medford – are awarded a $100 prize. All monthly awardees are then eligible for a year-end grand prize of $3,000 – a nice bonus for a year of hard work! The only requirement is to be the greatest team member they can. Each supervisor, manager and director can nominate one Weather Shield team member each month. The human resources department then evaluates the nominees on attendance, attitude, performance, job knowledge, willingness to go above job requirements, and overall contribution to the Weather Shield team. The selection process for the grand prize is based on the same criteria, and is conducted by a committee of directors, plant managers and HR representatives.
Thank you to all of our employees who help make Weather Shield one of the finest wood window manufacturers in the country!

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