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New: Multi-Slide Patio Doors from Weather Shield

2/20/2016 1:13:28 PM

Do you wish your home had a more seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living space? Weather Shield’s new multi-slide patio doors offer exactly that. Featured at the 2016 International Builders’ Show, these advanced patio doors provide a major upgrade that will improve the appearance and functionality of your home without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Weather Shield’s new multi-slide patio doors will be available starting March 2016.

Product Features

  • Door panels available up to 5 feet in width
  • Total openings available up to 50 feet wide and 10 feet tall
  • Door panel configurations include stacked, pocketing, single-direction and bi-parting
  • Traditional or contemporary door panels are available, including a new 3.25-inch bottom rail option
  • Low profile and high performance sills available

Benefits of Multi-Slide Patio Doors

  • Large openings: For many homes, the most impressive exterior focal point is a large window or door. At Weather Shield, we understand this, so we designed our multi-slide patio doors in a large size while still maintaining easy functionality.
  • Easy operation: Door panel operation is smooth and intuitive, with precision ball bearing rollers for easy opening and closing.
  • Door automation available: The latest innovations in door automation provide intuitive and simple controls. With this optional feature, you can open your multi-slide patio doors with the touch of a button.

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Whether your intent is to entertain guests or simply to enjoy more expansive views, Weather Shield’s multi-slide patio doors provide the perfect balance between beauty and utility.

To learn more about our new multi-slide patio doors or other window and door products from Weather Shield, feel free to contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you.

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