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How to Replace A Window

1/26/2014 8:04:49 AM

Window replacement can be performed by anyone as long as they have the necessary tools, instructions, and patience to remove a window the right way. Failing to replace a window properly can lead to damage not only to the window, but also the window frame and the interior or exterior walls of your home.

Follow these easy steps to properly remove and replace a window in your home:

  1. Remove the stops – stops are nailed behind the molding and must be “chopped” out. This can be done with a hammer and a chisel. If you do not do this, the window will not be able to be removed.
  2. Raise the bottom sash – simply slide the bottom sash up and then break loose the top sash. If your windows have been painted, it may have been painted in place. A hammer and chisel can come in handy for this task as well.
  3. Remove the sash stop – next, there are sash stops that are nailed in place, typically at the top and bottom of the window. Simply pop the nails loose and the sash stops can be removed.
  4. Remove the nails holding the sash in place – next, look for any nails holding the window sash in place with the frame. These are typically found on the four corners, but more nails can exist. Simply pop these nails loose with the assistance of a hammer or nail remover.
  5. Pull the sash out of the frame – once the nails are removed, the sash should be ready for removal. The sash may fit snugly in the window frame, so it may require a bit of strength to remove. If the sash will not separate from the frame, check to see if you have missed any nails.
Every window is installed differently, so these steps may not apply to all window brands or types. When installing the replacement window, be sure to follow the instructions for that specific window closely. If you do not install the window properly, your home’s energy efficiency and comfort will suffer—minimizing the investment you’ve made in improving your home.

To get the most out of your new windows, we recommend hiring a professional window replacement contractor. A professional window replacement contractor will have the required experience, tools, and expertise to install your window right the first time—giving your windows not only a clean and professional look, but also improved energy efficiency and longevity.

Professional Window Replacement

If you are considering replacing your windows and want your project completed by a professional, contact us today to speak with one of our window experts or find a local Weather Shield dealer to schedule a consultation. 

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