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Replacement Window Trends

1/20/2014 2:37:27 PM

Window replacements are one of the most common home improvement projects today. In fact, even during the economic downturn of recent years, window replacement projects remained steady and even grew in some areas.

With rising energy costs and environmental awareness, many consumers are now looking to replace windows that in many cases are relatively new and still functioning properly. It is estimated that as much as 50 million homes in America still have single-pane windows, and many of these homeowners are now opting to replace these inefficient windows with new multi-paned energy efficient units.

Consumers today also seek improved features and style selections, and manufacturers have responded with a slew of new features to meet these demands. Read on below to learn more about some of the developing trends that are taking shape in the 21 st century replacement window market.


Window Efficiency Is a Key Driver of Replacement Growth

While the demand growth for new construction windows is largely dependent on a healthy new home market, demand for replacement windows has largely been driven by consumers’ desire to decrease their energy bills.

In addition to the desire to decrease energy bills, the increased demand for energy efficient replacement windows was driven by tax credits offered by the federal government and many local municipalities around the country. This, in some cases, dramatically reduced the installation costs. These incentives have mostly expired, but with ever-rising energy costs, demand for energy efficient replacement windows is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future.

In fact, consumer demand for energy efficient windows has led to the development of additional energy efficient features like low-emissivity glass, warm edge spacers, and advanced composites that reduce the transmission of heat through window framing.

To learn more about Weather Shield’s energy efficient features, click here .


Ease of Operation

Another leading trend for replacement windows is ease of operation. Easy-to-clean windows, low maintenance, and effortless operation are highly sought after features by today’s window consumers. Tilt in window sashes make standing on ladders to clean your windows a thing of the past. Simply tilt the window sash in for fast and easy cleaning from the safety of inside your home.

If you’ve ever had difficulty opening your windows, you’re not alone. Old windows can gradually become more difficult to open over time as materials settle, warp, or rot. Today’s windows can be manufactured with smooth operation features. For example, Weather Shield’s three newest product lines—Aspire, Signature, and Premium Series—incorporate our proprietary “Symmetry Balance System” that allows for smooth operation with little effort.

Anyone that owns a home with old windows knows that window maintenance can require a considerable time investment. Wood windows need to be frequently sanded, stained, or painted to maintain their looks. Aluminum windows can corrode or rust. Vinyl windows can warp, crack, or develop a chalky residue from oxidation. Window consumers today demand products that reduce these problems and require less on-going maintenance for their windows to retain their aesthetic value. At Weather Shield, our windows are made with high-quality advanced composites, stains, and paints designed to reduce weathering and increase durability.


Aesthetic Choice

Consumers today demand a wide range of aesthetic choices. Whether solely for personal preference, historical accuracy, or HOA requirements, demand for a wide selection of window design styles is high. Architectural styles are as diverse as the United States itself and this has driven demand for a wide range of choices. From colonial to Victorian to modern simplicity, window manufacturers must offer an expanded product profile to appeal to today’s consumers.

Window shoppers today also do not want to compromise style for performance—and now they do not have to. If a consumer wants the low cost and low maintenance of a vinyl window, but not the look, there are many vinyl-clad wood options on the market today. Our Aspire Series product line offers durable and energy efficient vinyl exteriors with the classical warmth of real wood interiors.

Weather Shield windows offer a wide array of colors and styles, designed to meet the needs of virtually any window shopper. Check out our design gallery for a small peak at Weather Shield’s range of possibilities.


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