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How to Eliminate Drafts From Your Windows & Doors

7/24/2013 2:43:05 PM

Drafts in your home can not only create uncomfortable living conditions but also increase your energy bills. A draft is simply a movement of air created by temperature changes due to air infiltration into your home. The most common cause of drafts is windows and doors that have compromised seals, warping, or rotting that creates gaps in the building envelope.

So, how do you effectively eliminate drafts from your home? Well, the answer depends on the severity of your problem and the condition of your windows and doors.

So, how do you effectively eliminate drafts from your home? Well, the answer depends on the severity of your problem and the condition of your windows and doors.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is an inexpensive and easy fix for windows and doors, but keep in mind this is a temporary solution. It can be very effective if installed correctly, but it will need to be replaced often and it is less effective for windows in very poor condition.

Window Sealing Kits

Window sealing kits are most commonly made up of a roll of shrink-wrap plastic that you stretch over the window frame and blow-dry to tighten—sealing the gaps around your window sash and frame. This is an effective method, but it prevents the window from operating, so it will need to be replaced every time you wish to open your window.

Window Sash Replacement

Replacing your window sashes is a more involved—and more expensive—solution to reducing the drafts from your windows, but it is more permanent and reduces the amount of yearly maintenance you have to perform to keep your windows energy-efficient.


If your window frames are in good shape but your sashes are warped, cracked, or rotted, sash replacement is an effective solution. Simply remove the old sash and replace it with a new one.

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Window Replacement

If your windows and doors are very old or have an extensive amount of problems, replacement is the most effective solution for your home. Currently, many state and federal agencies offer incentives, grants, and tax credits to offset the cost of installing new energy-efficient windows and doors. As an added bonus, replacement usually removes the need for annual sealing and can reduce your heating and cooling bills year-round. Less work and more benefit, what is not to like?


Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Weather Shield’s newest window and door products are built with exceptional energy efficiency in mind. Our TriCore Frame technology is a fusion-welded subframe that allows for the combination of multiple materials into a single frame—allowing us to create an exceptional thermal barrier. Our TriCore frames are designed to provide unparalleled energy efficiency, durability, and low-maintenance.

We have recently introduced several new product lines—all incorporating our TriCore frame technology—to meet the needs and budgets of all replacement window shoppers. Follow the links below to learn more about our new energy-efficient product lines:


Energy-Efficient Window Installation

If you want to reduce the drafts in your home and improve energy efficiency, contact us today to learn more about our energy-efficient window selection. For a window replacement quote, find a dealer in your area, or contact us directly and we will help you find a dealer convenient to you. We are confident you will find our windows not only beautiful—but among the most durable and long-lasting on the market today. We are so confident that we even back our windows with a 20 year replacement warranty!

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