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What Are the Best Replacement Windows?

7/12/2013 2:48:24 PM

So you’re shopping for new replacement windows and you want to know what is the best replacement window. While we are not an unbiased source, we believe that we produce the finest replacement windows on the market today. Although we may not spend millions of dollars on television or radio advertising every year to tell you why you should buy our windows, we consistently manufacture some of the highest-quality windows on the market today—right here in America.

Weather Shield has made it a priority to offer nothing but the highest-quality windows since opening our doors nearly 60 years ago and that commitment is just as strong today as it ever was. In the past year, we’ve introduced several new product lines as a part of our Weather Shield ReInvented campaign—the Signature Series, the Premium Series, and the Aspire Series.

In the years leading up to the launch of these new product lines, we conducted an extensive amount of research into our own products, our competitors’ offerings, and what window shoppers were looking for to identify how we could create a new generation of premium windows for consumers across multiple market segments.

The results of that study led to what we believe are the best replacement windows on the market today.

What Makes Weather Shield’s New Windows So Great?

From our research, we concluded that energy efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of operation were among the most popular features that window consumers were looking for.

Thermal and structural testing on our new products show that they are among the highest performing units on the market today. Our new Symmetry Balance System helps some of our windows be among the first to achieve Class 3 AAMA rating .

Additionally, we’ve designed our windows with aesthetics in mind. Our new double-hung windows offer a new wood jambliner to provide a seamless look from sash to sash. Our casement and awning windows also feature superb architectural details and clean sightlines. Best of all, we’ve provided our consumers with choice. With an extensive range of wood grain selections, finishing options, and color choices, there are thousands of design possibilities!

All our windows are designed with ease of operation and simple cleaning in mind, making maintenance minimal but easy to complete when necessary.

When all these features are combined, we believe we have created the best overall window package on the market today.

So What Are Weather Shield’s New Product Lines?

Our three new product lines include:

  • Premium Series – An architectural product line of high-end aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors for custom homes, designed to provide improved performance and traditional, architecturally correct aesthetics.
  • Signature Series – A mid-price product line of aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors, designed to offer affordable luxury with features and options that surpass typical mid-priced wood windows.
  • Aspire Series – An entry-level offering of vinyl-clad windows and patio doors for modest budgets.

Learn More About Our New Products

If you want to learn more about our new products, contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer in your area. Samples and promotional materials are available upon request.

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