Hurricane Season and Your Windows

With hurricane season firmly upon us in the northern hemisphere,  those that live along the U.S. East Coast must be prepared to deal with nature's worst. At Weather Shield, we take the risks associated with extreme weather very seriously. We understand that hurricanes can be devastating to your life, so we have dedicated a lot of time to engineering windows designed to protect both property and people.
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Benefits of Window Coatings

If you're in the market for replacement windows or if you're building a new home and shopping for new construction windows, you've likely seen the phrase low-e window coatings. Every manufacturer has their own name for it, at Weather Shield we call ours Zo-e-shield® and we believe it is the world's best glass.
We have spent years testing and refining our low-e glass solutions to maximize performance--saving you money, providing you with a more comfortable home, and protecting your furnishings.
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Traditional Window Styles

Traditional homes are some of the most common styles of home found throughout the United States. Traditional design includes a variety of different styles, both unique to America and those inspired by European architecture. The most popular traditional architectural styles found in America today were designed to accommodate the American way of life, which varied considerably depending on the area of the country one lived in.
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Contemporary Window Styles

Contemporary is a rather broad term that encompasses a variety of designs, but characteristics of contemporary homes are generally tall expansive windows, open floor plans, and an emphasis on natural lighting and flexibility. Roofs tend to be flat or gabled cathedral ceilings with exposed beams. Above all, contemporary design is largely about clean lines.
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