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Benefits of Window Coatings

7/29/2014 8:00:00 AM

If you're in the market for replacement windows or if you're building a new home and shopping for new construction windows, you've likely seen the phrase low-e window coatings. Every manufacturer has their own name for it, at Weather Shield we call ours Zo-e-shield® and we believe it is the world's best glass.
We have spent years testing and refining our low-e glass solutions to maximize performance--saving you money, providing you with a more comfortable home, and protecting your furnishings.

Benefits of Low-E Window Coatings

  • Comfort - Keeps homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Energy Savings - Weather Shield's Zo-e-Shield glass solutions produce the lowest U-factor and heat gain coefficient on the market.
  • UV-A-UV-B Protection - UV-A and UV-B radiation can take a toll on your furniture, flooring, and carpet. Zo-e-Shield glass solutions block 95-99.9% of the sun's harmful radiation.
  • Ease of Cleaning - Weather Shield offers a unique feature as a part of their low-e glass solutions. Our EasyCare® coating sheets water off the glass taking dirt and grime with it keeping windows cleaner, longer.

Zo-e-Shield Window Coatings From Weather Shield

Weather Shield offers five levels of energy-efficient glass options including:

Beyond Glass Coatings

At Weather Shield, our Zo-e-Shield glass system goes beyond just low-e glass coatings. We engineered a comprehensive glass solution designed for comfort and efficiency. Our system incorporates energy efficiency spacers and insulated frames to further the energy efficiency of our windows and patio doors. With Weather Shield, you can count on a comfortable home, no matter what the conditions outside are like.


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To learn more about our low-e glass solutions, visit our  Zo-e-shield glass solutions page contact us directly , or  find a Weather Shield dealer  in your area.

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