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Contemporary Window Styles

7/18/2014 8:36:15 AM

Contemporary is a rather broad term that encompasses a variety of designs, but characteristics of contemporary homes are generally tall expansive windows, open floor plans, and an emphasis on natural lighting and flexibility. Roofs tend to be flat or gabled cathedral ceilings with exposed beams. Above all, contemporary design is largely about clean lines.

There are several types of home designs that fall within the broader "contemporary" term. Weather Shield has a new line of modern windows from our Contemporary Collection.  In the sections below, we'll discuss four popular types of contemporary home designs in in detail.

Modern Style

Modern, much like contemporary, has a wide range of meanings, but at its most basic level, modern styling is a movement away from traditional designs. Many styles, including those listed below, have at times been classified as modern styling, but today, modern design is a defined by simple, angular shapes. Modern homes incorporate large expansive windows without window grilles to maximize light and draw attention to interior details.

Modern design today often focuses on minimalistic design by eliminating most, or all, non-functional decoration that is common in traditional architecture. Asymmetrical design is also popular to draw added attention to different areas of the home.

Eclectic Style

Eclectic home designs are the hardest to define as electric style does not come from any one particular era of time. Instead, eclectic design borrows from a number of historical eras and utilizes a wide variety of architectural trends, while incorporating modern materials and influence.

Eclectic styling is the most popular style for home design in the U.S. today. because it affords home buyers the ability to mix and match their favorite styles and features from different eras.

Art Deco Style

Art Deco design is a style that focuses on simple geometrical shapes, clean lines, and a streamlined appearance. Art Deco styled homes commonly feature rounded corners, smooth walls, and low horizontal shapes. Windows and doors installed in Art Deco styled homes are generally flush with wall surfaces and do not incorporate window sills into the design. Although any window style can be included in Art Deco design, casement windows are particularly popular.

Prairie Style

Prairie styled architecture became popular in American homes because of Frank Lloyd Wright, a 20th century architect known for designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and nature. Prairie design is characterized by open interior spaces with large windows designed to connect the interior of the home with its natural surroundings.

Contemporary Windows From Weather Shield

If you are looking for contemporary windows and doors for your home, we recommend the Contemporary Collection line of windows and doors. Weather Shield’s new line of window and door products can eliminate the compromises and give you so much more. A full line of windows and doors: casements, awnings, pictures, sliding and hinged doors ƒƒ Narrow profile frames and sash designed for a slim-line appearance and more exposed glass to maximize your viewing space ƒƒ Low-maintenance extruded aluminum exteriors with anodized or AAMA 2605 performance finishes ƒƒ Enhanced frame and glazing systems designed for maximum energy savings With a vast array of options, accessories and upgrades, you can explore the limits of your creativity.


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