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Traditional Window Styles

7/21/2014 8:33:28 AM

Traditional homes are some of the most common styles of home found throughout the United States. Traditional design includes a variety of different styles, both unique to America and those inspired by European architecture. The most popular traditional architectural styles found in America today were designed to accommodate the American way of life, which varied considerably depending on the area of the country one lived in.

In the sections below, we're going to highlight the five traditional styles that are popular in the United States today.

Classical Style

Classical architecture is inspired by the Greeks and Romans and is commonly found in government buildings, churches, and even some residential structures in the U.S. Classical style architecture is most likely to be found in the Washington, DC area. The architects of Washington, DC and the surrounding areas placed a focus on the classical architectural styles developed by Roman and Greek architects as those cultures were responsible for many of the underpinning philosophies of the American constitution.

Neoclassical Style

Neoclassical styles are styles that are inspired by classical architecture, but it is more commonly applied to residential structures. Neoclassical architecture includes Federal, Georgia, Antebellum, Greek Revival, and Beaux Arts styles that are common throughout the country. These styles all emerged in similar eras of American history, but they differ greatly as they were popularized in different areas of the country throughout Colonial and early American history eras.

Neoclassical styles often incorporate symmetry, columns, and a variety of classical decorative aesthetic elements into the design. SIngle and double hung windows are the window or choice and arch top windows are also popular design elements included in neoclassical design.

Cottage Style

Photo by Spoon Construction LLC ©

The cottage style has a broad range of designs that range from classic bungalows common in the Southern United States to larger oceanfront homes more commonly found in New England. Cottage style features simple architectural feature with an emphasis on porches and gardens, adding an inviting aesthetic to the home. Cottage style homes often utilize simple facades, most commonly wood, and cedar shake siding and shingles.

Cottage style architecture often incorporates craftsman style elements like arch top doors, bay windows, window shutters, and arched windows. Cottage styling is among the most humble of designs.

Gothic Style

Photo by Inside-Out Designs ©

Gothic styling features steeply pitched, gabled roofs, wooden or slate shingles, and chimneys. Traditional Gothic style is most commonly found in Churches rather than residential structures. Residential Gothic style, also referred to as Rural Gothic style, is rare in the United States, but it can be found. English-style cottages incorporate a number of Gothic elements. Gothic architecture is generally found in urban settings and is most common in the Northeast.

Gothic style utilizes casement windows and direct set windows, with double hung windows being far less common.

Victorian Style

Photo by Konrad Summers ©

Victorian style is one of the more modern of the traditional architectural styles. Victorian styling became popular in the mid 19th century as the industrial revolution allowed for easy and quick production of decorative ornaments like brackets, spindles, and patterned shingles. For the first time, it was easy and affordable to focus on design elements that played little to no practical purpose for the home. Gabled roofs, curves, and bay windows are popular elements of Victorian style.

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