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Attractive Basement Windows

7/11/2016 10:33:54 AM

If your home has a basement, the living space here can be just as comfortable as the ground floor and second story. A big part of finishing your basement and converting it into a comfy living space is to make sure plenty of natural light shines inside. This prevents the basement from feeling like a dungeon and helps make the space one of your favorite places to hang out. Use the following ideas to help you select the right basement windows.

Awning Windows

This style of window is like a casement flipped onto its side, with hinges located at the top that pivot the window outward. Awning windows are usually wider than they are tall. When installed close to the ceiling, this horizontal orientation is perfect for letting light into basements that lack window wells. Since they operate easily with a turn crank, you can let fresh air in whenever you want.

Hopper Windows

This is essentially an awning window turned upside down, with hinges on the bottom that pivot the window inward. Hopper windows are almost exclusively used in basements and above interior doorways, providing ventilation when you want it and an escape route in case of fire. As with awning windows, their horizontal orientation is ideal for letting in natural light without window wells.

Sliding Windows

Narrow sliding windows, no taller than typical awning or hopper windows, are excellent choices for basements lacking window wells. Larger dimensions bring in even more natural light if your basement has window wells.

Patterned Glass

The purpose of patterned glass is to allow light in while obstructing the view. Since basement windows are at or below ground level, it’s easy for peeping Toms to peer inside. Windows with patterned glass panes let natural light pour into your basement without fear of privacy issues.

Window Treatments

Once the ideal windows for your needs are installed, it’s time to dress them up! Blinds and shades are traditional window treatments that serve to provide privacy and block the light. Venetian, bamboo and honeycomb blinds and shades are all popular options. Shutters and curtains provide a high-end look that helps the basement feel as livable as the upper floors.

Window Well Planters

In addition to making the windows themselves attractive, why not create something beautiful to look at when you peer out of them? If you have window wells, the usual scenery is nothing more than corrugated metal. Replace this traditional material with raised planters to give basement dwellers something green and blooming to look at. Plant hardy perennial ground cover for effortless greenery, your favorite annuals for a bit of color, or herbs you can use in your kitchen.

For more attractive basement window ideas, or to shop for replacement windows, please contact Weather Shield today for assistance from one of our qualified representatives.


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