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Can Impact Windows Prevent Burglary?

7/14/2016 10:35:31 AM

The main reason you probably consider installing impact windows is to protect your home from hurricane-force winds. This makes impact windows particularly popular along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic seaboard where coastal storms are common and unpredictable. But did you know that impact windows also have the potential to protect your home from unwanted intruders?

How Are Impact Windows Made?

Impact windows are designed much like the windshield of a car. Panes of tempered or annealed glass are bonded together with a shatterproof membrane typically made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). If the outer glass breaks on impact, the PVB layer holds the shattered pieces together. A heavy-duty aluminum frame completes the burglar-resistant package.

The Strength of Impact Windows

In most homes, windows are the weakest points of entry. Ordinary glass is relatively easy to break, allowing a burglar to enter your home and endanger your family or steal your belongings. However, unlike traditional glass, impact windows are strong enough to withstand full swings from a sledgehammer.

This claim was put to the test recently in Delray Beach, Florida when two men attempted to break through a French patio door with impact glass using a brick. A similar case two years earlier in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida sent two would-be burglars packing when their attempts to shatter impact windows failed.

When enough force is applied, impact windows will splinter, but they won’t shatter like ordinary windows. This forces burglars to spend much more time and effort on their attempted break-in, time and effort they probably don’t have if they’re trying to make a quick, quiet entrance and getaway.

Cost of Impact Windows

Because of the additional technology that goes into manufacturing impact windows, they are significantly more expensive to purchase than ordinary windows. However, if you live in a coastal region and require hurricane protection, installing impact windows can actually be comparable in cost to pursuing other protection methods, such as installing ordinary windows with storm panels or shutters over them.

Plus, you can also expect homeowner’s insurance premium discounts as a result of your extra investment. In fact, Florida law requires insurance companies to provide discounts for homes with impact windows. In some areas, impact windows are even required to comply with building codes.

Then there’s the matter of protecting your property, belongings and family from burglars. While it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact number, some authorities believe impact windows are the unsung heroes of many failed burglary attempts. If your home survives an attempted break-in because you chose impact windows, the investment instantly pays for itself in preserved personal property and peace of mind.

Weather Shield Impact Windows

Our line of impact windows offers superior protection against hurricanes and high winds, not to mention burglars. They’re just as beautiful as traditional windows with the added benefit of impact resistance.

To learn more about impact windows, or to receive a quote for your upcoming window replacement project, please contact Weather Shield directly or find a dealer near you for assistance.

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