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Guide to Hiring a Local Window Contractor

7/2/2016 10:27:16 AM

If you’ve researched the style of windows you want, you’ve taken an important first step. However, because quality window installation is important for performance and longevity, you should carefully consider which contractor to hire for the job.

Which Is Better: A Local or National Window Contractor?

Perhaps you want to support the little guy and buy your windows from a small local company. This helps the local economy, but warranty concerns should make you hesitate. It’s unlikely a small contractor’s coverage can compete with a large national company, and what if the local contractor goes out of business?

A large national manufacturer may offer good quality windows and a nice warranty, but their customer service may suffer. Without local showrooms or dealers to work with, you could be in trouble if your windows need repair later on.

In the end, a compromise is best. Choose Weather Shield, a nationally trusted window manufacturer with local dealers in your area. This sets us apart and gives you the best of both worlds – the excellent customer service of a local company with the warranty coverage and peace of mind that comes from a national manufacturer.

Hiring a Local Window Contractor

With your decision narrowed down, now it’s time to pinpoint an exact contractor to work with. Ask the following questions to ensure you find a reputable contractor that provides the best quality materials:
  • What credentials do you have? You’re looking for any awards, certifications and affiliations the contractor has that prove their legitimacy.
  • How long have you been in business? Look for a company with at least a decade of experience under their belt.
  • Are you licensed? A license ensures the contractor is knowledgeable and heeds the latest best practices. Ask for the license number and verify it with your state’s licensing board.
  • Are you insured? Window contractors should have worker’s compensation and liability insurance to remove any responsibility from your shoulders in the event of property damage or injury during the installation.
  • Can I contact your references? A past customer’s insights can tell you the type of experience you’ll have. Reading online reviews is helpful, but by contacting references personally, you can ask the most important questions, including whether the work was completed on time, on budget and to their satisfaction.
  • Can I see your products? This could mean looking at pictures in a portfolio or visiting a local showroom. Both options are useful for getting an idea of the products available from this contractor.

Choose a Local Weather Shield Dealer

Choosing a Weather Shield premium dealer is the best way to ensure complete satisfaction with your new windows. We continually provide our dealers with ongoing training and education programs so they stay informed of the industry’s newest changes and developments.

We have hundreds of dealers across the country, so odds are you live within the service area of at least one of them! Find a Weather Shield dealer near you today to begin the window replacement process with confidence.

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