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Sleek Black Interiors — Now Available in Latex and Poly

7/18/2017 1:21:11 PM


Black interiors make a powerful statement that is both stylish and refined. Increasingly popular in the modern design movement, darker tones can create a dramatic visual accent and set a unique tone.

Perfectly tailored to this timeless design trend, our launch of black latex is the most recent example of Weather Shield’s high-end offerings at a desirable price point. 
Black latex gives the interiors of your windows a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that completes any room. These factory-finished interiors save time on the job site, and with a five-year warranty, it’s yet another Weather Shield product we’re willing to put our reputation behind.
For the ultimate in luxurious black interiors, we also offer a black poly finish. Representing an even higher-end alternative, black poly is a polyurethane enamel interior paint that offers superior durability for a long-lasting finish — remaining just as beautiful as the day it was installed. As an indication of its value, this finish comes with a ten-year warranty that we are proud to uphold.
The black poly option is factory-finished in a proven five-step process that ensures our black poly interiors will stand the test of time. This unique finishing process brings myriad benefits, including durability, resistance to everyday cleaning solvents, solar reflective properties and superior gloss retention.
Both the black latex and black poly options offer a seamless finished product to create a modern and sophisticated interior design. These options are available within our Contemporary Collection, Premium Series, Premium Coastal Series, Signature Series, and Weather Shield catalog offerings.
To learn more about how the black latex and black poly finishes can enhance your project, contact a dealer near you.

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