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Why Are My Windows Leaking?

6/18/2016 4:32:27 PM

Window leaks can develop for a number of reasons. You may suspect you have a leak when you notice water pooling on the windowsill. Explore possible causes and prevention tips before you have your leaky windows repaired or replaced.

Why Should You be Concerned About Leaky Windows?

If your windows leak, you have a significant problem, one you shouldn’t ignore. Window leaks are more than just a nuisance every time it rains. When water enters your house where it shouldn’t, it can cause all kinds of problems.

Rotting window sills are just the start. If water penetrates the sill and gets into the wall, mold and mildew can grow there. As the damage spreads, you could even end up with foundation problems!

When an Apparent Leak Isn’t a Leak

Have you ever noticed water on your windowsills even when it hasn’t been raining? This seemingly mysterious “leak” isn’t a leak at all. Instead it’s probably the result of condensation rolling down glass to pool on the windowsill. This is still an issue because condensation can cause the same problems as a leak. To prevent excessive condensation, run exhaust fans when showering and cooking, and operate a dehumidifier in the summer.

Causes of Leaky Windows

  • Improper installation: If your windows aren’t installed perfectly square, or the installer fails to seal them properly, you could end up with leaky windows before long.
  • Worn out caulk: Window caulk is usually the first thing to crack and deteriorate as time goes by. Look closely at where the window meets the frame and sill, and where the frame meets the wall. If you notice gaps or cracks, or you’re able to wiggle the sill, the caulk is deteriorating.
  • Wall leaks: Often mistaken for window leaks, wall leaks occur when the siding becomes damaged and allows water to enter. Look for stains on the ceiling, walls and top part of the window frame, all telltale signs of wall leaks.

How to Prevent or Fix Leaky Windows

  • Insist on quality installation: Having your windows installed by a qualified professional is the best way to prevent leaks from developing. To ensure a quality installation, only hire a certified contractor with experience installing windows like yours. Premium Weather Shield dealers are qualified to handle the job to your expectations.
  • Choose weather-resistant windows: Some windows are designed to withstand the weather better than others. Look for windows made with moisture-resistant materials, a fusion-welded sub frame and thick multi-chamber sub frame components.
  • Seal your windows: Before you assume your windows must be replaced, try sealing leaky areas with caulk. Do the same to plug up wall leaks and restore your home to a waterproof state.

Replace Leaky Windows

Never ignore window leaks. If water continues to pool on the sill even after re-caulking the window, look into having it repaired or replaced. For assistance with your leaky windows, please contact Weather Shield directly or find a dealer near you today. We’ll advise whether you should repair or replace your windows.

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