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Window Repair vs. Window Replacement

6/4/2016 4:27:10 PM

You might not give your windows much thought until the glass breaks, the sash gets stuck or the frame starts to rot. Then you’re left with a tough decision: do you repair or replace your broken window? Use this guide to help you make the right choice.

Deciding When to Replace Windows

Consider the following scenarios. If you still have outdated single pane windows, the onset of any one of these problems signals the time to replace them. Replacement may also be more beneficial than repair if two or more of these problems plague your double pane windows.
  • Broken or cracked glass: You can repair cracked glass with clear nail polish, but this is only a temporary fix. Broken glass needs more immediate attention. If the frame itself is still in good shape, you may be able to just replace the glass at a lower cost than replacing the entire window.
  • Air leaks: When a window doesn’t seal properly, air rushes in, bringing the comfort level down and utility bills up. Depending on the source of the leak, you may be able to caulk and weather strip your window to reduce drafts. However, if you have single pane windows, installing double pane replacements also reduces heat transfer through the glass itself.
  • Sashes stuck in place: Broken hardware, dirt in the track and paint are common reasons for a window to stop opening and closing smoothly. Usually, by scraping away paint, sanding the window down and cleaning the tracks, you can repair a window with this problem. However, if the hardware on an old window is broken and new parts are impossible to find, replacement is your only option.
  • Rotting wood frame or muntins: You can repair a small amount of wood rot by scraping out the damaged wood and patching it with putty. However, if the rot is extensive, you should replace the window.
  • Broken window seal: Double pane windows are sealed to increase efficiency and prevent moisture from getting between the panes. If your window fogs up and you can’t wipe away the condensation from either side of the glass, this means the seal has broken. Once this happens, it’s difficult to save the pane. However, if the frame is still in good condition, you may be able to just replace the pane and sash at a lower cost.

Benefits of Replacing Windows

If you’re trying to come to terms with making an expensive – although worthwhile – investment in new windows, keep in mind all the benefits that await you:
  • Increased energy efficiency for lower heating and cooling bills
  • Less air infiltration to improve home comfort
  • Easier window operation for natural ventilation when you need it
  • UV protection to reduce upholstery and carpet fading
  • Increased home value when you sell your house
  • More beautiful home, both inside and out
For more information about high-quality replacement windows, contact Weather Shield today to speak with one of our window experts or find a dealer near you to schedule a consultation.


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