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Windows for Vacation Homes

6/10/2016 4:32:54 PM

You’ve spent time carefully selecting your vacation home and turning it into the beautiful property you’ve always wanted. Now it’s time to put in the finishing touches, including replacing the old, dingy windows with ones that suite your every need. Here are the qualities to look for in windows for vacation homes to help you make the most of your investment.

Low-Maintenance Material

You expect to spend a little time on maintenance projects to keep your year-round home looking great, but you’re probably not willing to put in the same effort when you go on vacation. To prevent the windows from falling into disrepair, you should choose low-maintenance windows from the get-go. This decision can make the difference between spending time on the beach and spending time with your toolbox.

Many different types of windows offer the benefit of low maintenance – vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum in particular. Weather Shield offers several product lines featuring the window materials you’re looking for. If your vacation home is located on the coast, you could especially benefit from the low maintenance and durability of Premium Coastal windows.

Window Style with Great Views

You should also think about the size and style of windows you want in your vacation home. After all, you want to enjoy the million-dollar views that made you pick this spot for your vacation home in the first place, even while spending time inside.

Slider windows in particular offer expansive views of the outside thanks to their wide profile. You can also place two or three casement or double-hung windows side-by-side to allow for panoramic views of the outside. With their curving nature, bay and bow windows are also excellent for soaking up as much of the scenery as possible from inside your vacation home.

Good Warranty for Peace of Mind

You spend long stretches of time away from your vacation home, so you want the peace of mind that comes with installing windows covered by a good warranty. After all, when a manufacturer backs their windows with good coverage, it means they’re confident the windows will stand the test of time.

Weather Shield offers comprehensive warranty coverage for all window and door products. The frames and insulated glass are guaranteed to be free from defects in material or workmanship for 20 years. Laminated and decorative glass, wood products, colors, and finishes are covered for one to five years, depending on the product. If you ever sell your vacation home, you can transfer the warranty to the subsequent owner within 10 years of installing the windows.

To enjoy the durability, style and warranty you want from your new vacation home windows, you must choose quality products from a reputable manufacturer. Let Weather Shield satisfy your needs with custom windows in any material, color, shape or style you want.

For more information about high-quality replacement windows for vacation homes, contact Weather Shield today to speak with one of our window experts or find a dealer near you to schedule a consultation.

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