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American Made Windows

3/5/2014 7:46:10 AM

Are you looking for American made windows? Weather Shield windows are completely manufactured in the United States. Our production facility, located in Medford, WI has been producing American made windows since 1955. Learn more about our story by visiting our story page

Weather Shield has been a family-owned business since it was founded more than 57 years ago and has grown from a single-employee to more than 1,900 U.S. employees today.  We take pride in providing jobs for American workers and believe there is great benefit in manufacturing windows in America.

 So what are the benefits of buying American made windows? Read on to learn how buying American made windows benefits both you and the American economy!

Benefits of Buying American Made Windows

There are many benefits to buying windows made in America for your home or business. Some of the most important benefits are:
  • Keeps Jobs in the U.S. – jobs that move overseas very rarely return. When you buy American made products, like American made windows, you help keep Americans employed and the domestic economy growing.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Many countries lack the environmental regulations and stewardship found in America. When you buy American windows, rest assured that your windows were manufactured with the environmental impact in mind.
  • Energy Conservation – When you buy products produced overseas, they require a lot of fuel to ship them to the United States and to your home.  Buying American made products helps cut down on emissions.
  • Human Rights – Unlike America, many countries have lax or non-existent regulations to protect laborers from harsh working conditions or to stop child labor. Buying American made windows ensures that your windows were built in a factory that offers safe working conditions and a fair wage.
  • Stimulate the Domestic Economy – When you buy American made windows, your money goes to the people that produced your windows. Each of these workers then spends this money on goods, further stimulating the economy. An additional benefit is these American workers are paying income taxes on their wages—contributing to local, state, and federal budgets.
If you’ve decided that American made replacement windows are the choice for your home, or you simply want to learn more about our window options, contact us directly, or find a local dealer today!

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