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Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

3/2/2014 7:48:24 AM

Fiberglass is well known for its longevity and remarkable energy saving qualities—even in extreme weather conditions. Fiberglass resists the transfer of heat and cold—making it an exceptional choice for window and door products. As much as 30 percent of heat loss can occur through your home’s windows and doors, so choosing fiberglass windows and doors can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling bills.

In addition to its energy efficiency properties, fiberglass as a material is very durable—and virtually maintenance-free! Just a simple wipe down is all your fiberglass windows and doors need to look like new. Fiberglass can last up to 40 years—more than twice as long as their vinyl and aluminum counterparts—giving fiberglass windows and doors outstanding return on investment over the life of the product. Unlike vinyl, wood, or aluminum, fiberglass will never rot or corrode and is much less likely to crack or warp under normal conditions.

At Weather Shield, our fiberglass windows come with all these great features and more. We go the extra mile to provide consumers with the highest quality fiberglass windows and doors on the market. Our windows feature:

  • EasyCare Glass – an additional, invisible, permanent coating of Titanium Dioxide that reacts chemically with the sun's UV rays, decomposing organic material on the glass. The decomposed dirt washes away.
  • Real Warm Edge Flexible Spacers – spacers between the panes of glass insulates the edge of the glass better to help improve thermal performance and reduce condensation.
  • Durable Exteriors – low-maintenance, heavy-duty fiberglass cladding is structurally superior to metal or vinyl materials found on many other brands of windows. Our fiberglass windows feature corners that are completely sealed with a corner key and adhesive for increased strength and stability. The fiberglass frame features a rigid integral nailing fin for greater structural integrity and easier installation.
  • Premium Color Choices – our line of fiberglass windows and doors offers consumers dozens of color choices that won’t scratch, chip, or fade.
  • And More!

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If you are looking for fiberglass replacement windows or doors for your home, turn to Weather Shield. To learn more about our EnduraShield Series fiberglass products, contact us today or find a dealer in your area.

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