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Best Windows for Colonial Style Homes

3/15/2015 8:42:26 AM

As one of the most popular styles in the US, Colonial homes date back to the 1600s when colonists brought their European tastes over to America. You can find homes built in this traditional style from sea to shining sea, though they originated in the New England area. 

To this day, Colonial style homes still tend to have several notable features:

  • Two stories
  • Square, symmetrical architecture
  • Entry door centered on the front façade
  • Stairway to the second floor directly behind the front entrance
  • Central or symmetrically paired chimneys
  • Medium-pitched gable roof
  • Brick or white clapboard siding
At Weather Shield, we strive to provide the best window products for your home—no matter the style or aesthetic you are going for. Keep reading to learn more about our best window recommendations for your Colonial style home.

Best Window Shapes for Colonial Style Homes

Rectangular: In keeping with a classic style, you need a classic rectangular window shape. Colonial homes are all about symmetry and simplicity, so accent windows in different shapes aren’t common.

Bay: While classic Colonial style homes may not have had bay windows when they were originally constructed, Colonial manors certainly did. The extension of bay windows beyond the rectangular foundation adds beautiful visual appeal.

Best Window Styles for Colonial Style Homes

Double-hung: Windows with panes that slide vertically are most commonly installed in Colonial style homes.

Multi-pane: Because early American settlers didn’t have the technology to produce large panes of glass, they used muntins to hold smaller panes together in a larger window. Today, the divided look is mimicked with grilles sandwiched between double-pane windows.

Thin molding: Unobtrusive exterior trim leaves plenty of room for traditional window shutters to shine.

    Wood Sliding Window

Best Window Materials for Colonial Style Homes

Aluminum-clad: This window material has excellent design flexibility. Aluminum is durable and requires very little maintenance. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and adds a certain warmth to your home. Aluminum-clad windows feature a wood core encased in aluminum, offering you the best of both worlds.


Primed wood: It’s the material colonials would have used when building their homes centuries ago. While many newer materials have become available for window frames, especially in the last 50 years, wood remains a popular choice to complement the traditional style.

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Best Window Finishes and Colors for Colonial Style Homes

White: The traditional Colonial style house is either made of brick with white windows and shutters or white cladding with white windows and dark-colored shutters. If you want to keep with the classic look, white window frames are definitely the way to go.

Earth tone: If you’re implementing a more modern approach to the classic look, feel free to look beyond the traditional white exterior trim. Something from the earth tone color palette is still recommended.

Colonial Style Windows from Weather Shield       

Now that you have an idea of what types of windows work best with Colonial style homes, be sure to take a look at Weather Shield’s offerings to find the precise styles you’re looking for. Our Premium Series double-hung windows are probably exactly what you’re looking for. They offer the look of historic windows with the efficiency of modern design. Contact us today for more information!

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