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8 Things to Consider with Contemporary Windows

5/8/2015 2:58:43 PM

Do you think contemporary windows could be right for your home? As you weigh and compare your options, consider these eight important qualities of contemporary windows.


Modern windows are designed with simplicity in mind to help them last longer. Operable components and manufacturer-applied finishes typically have a 20-year warranty. Hardware should have a 10-year warranty and laminated glass tends to come with a five-year warranty.

Of course, these warranty periods don’t come close to the window’s actual lifespan. As long as you don’t abuse your contemporary windows, they should last for many decades.



If modern architecture dominates your home’s appearance, contemporary windows could be perfect. Narrow profile frames and sashes lend themselves to a slim-line appearance and more exposed glass. These modern window characteristics give you a better view to the outside.

Energy Efficiency

Glass is a poor insulator, but contemporary windows use advanced frame and glazing systems to reduce heat transfer, limit the effects of solar heat gain and maximize energy efficiency. New windows help keep energy costs down, promote cleaner indoor air and make the interior more comfortable.

Home Security

Windows and doors with glass panels are a burglar’s preferred points of entry into a home because glass is relatively easy to break. Sliding open unlocked windows also makes for easy entry. Fortunately, contemporary windows come with solid locks and impact-resistant glass to give would-be burglars a run for their money.

Home Value

Because new windows look great, increase energy efficiency and improve security measures, you can be sure the investment will increase home resale value. This is good news whether you plan to sell your home in the future or not.

Materials and Colors

Extruded aluminum clad windows are as contemporary as they come. The heavy-gauge metal gives a sense of stability from the outside in a variety of handsome colors. From neutral tones to cool colors to radiant metallic, you can find the perfect exterior color to match your home’s trim.

Meanwhile, rich wood interiors complement flooring, cabinets and furniture. A variety of stains and finishes let you customize the look of contemporary windows from the inside.

Maintenance Requirements

Windows face the elements head on. Whether it’s the heat of the summer sun, moisture from rain, or expansion and contraction from season to season, windows must be built tough and taken care of properly.

Contemporary windows with their extruded aluminum clad frames require very little maintenance. Regular washing with commercial detergents keeps the frame beautiful while greasing of movable parts prolongs the window’s life.


Rest assured that, as with other window styles, contemporary windows come in many shapes, sizes and operation types. The largest casement windows are available up to 42 inches by 96 inches for an impressive view. Awning windows are available up to 60 inches by 48 inches. Specialty windows come in even larger, more unique shapes and sizes.

To learn more about adding contemporary windows to your home, please contact us or find a dealer near you.

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