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Best Windows for Spanish Style Homes

5/22/2015 3:01:51 PM

Spanish style homes first arrived in the US in the early 1900s. They were primarily built in south and southwestern states, where the style remains popular today. An eclectic mix of architectural details from many eras of traditional Spanish and Mexican homes make today’s American interpretation quite unique.

Spanish style homes have several notable features:

  • Thick stucco walls
  • Deep, shaded loggias
  • Tile roof shingles made of clay, concrete, rubber or polymers
  • First floor patios and second floor balconies
  • Arches
  • Casement windows
  • Tall, narrow windows with rectangular grilles
  • French doors

Popular Window Shapes for Spanish Style Homes

  • Half-circle: Often in Spanish style homes, casement windows are topped with half-circle windows. The detail adds extra lighting and mirrors the architectural arches so commonly found on entryways and porches.
  • Quarter-circle: A similar option to the half-circle over a casement window is to install two casement windows side by side and top both with a quarter-circle window to create the appearance of a larger half-circle window.
  • Bay windows: Often, Spanish style homes have a tower or two with bay windows to provide lighting to the interior. These are usually casement windows with half-circle windows to create the desirable arched look.
  • Specialty: Tall, narrow rounded windows are the most popular specialty window shape in Spanish homes.

Best Window Styles for Spanish Style Homes

Casement: This type of window cranks outward from hinges on one side. Casements are popular for Spanish style homes because they provide ample ventilation, a beneficial property of homes in the hot, dry south and southwestern US.

Rectangular grilles: In honor of a time when large panes of glass were difficult to produce, many Spanish style windows have grilles to mimic the old necessity of muntins. These often divide the windows into smaller rectangular panes.


Common Window Materials for Spanish Style Homes

Vinyl: Known for its ability to insulate effectively, vinyl is great for homes in the hot southern US desert. Few maintenance requirements and greater affordability make it preferable for homeowners on a budget.

Fiberglass: This window material is ideal for mimicking wood without the vulnerabilities and high price tag. Aesthetic flexibility makes fiberglass ideal for matching a Spanish style home’s unique architecture.

Popular Window Finishes and Colors for Spanish Style Homes

Earth tones: With its major prevalence in the south and southwest, earth tone finishes are most appropriate for Spanish style windows. Sandstone, bronze, brick red and dark brown complement the white and cream-colored stucco so often found on homes of this style.

Natural wood: From the interior, windows in Spanish style homes are often stained a luscious dark color to show off the natural wood. This provides contrast to light-colored walls and makes each window an attractive focal point.

Spanish Style Windows from Weather Shield

Armed with this information about what types of windows work best with Spanish style homes, it’s time to browse Weather Shield’s offerings to find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information or to get in touch with a dealer near you!

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