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Best Windows for Tudor Style Homes

5/21/2015 3:01:19 PM

American Tudor style homes are a combination of various early English homebuilding traditions, meaning they range in size and scope from simple folk dwellings to medieval-looking palaces. They were built primarily between 1890 and 1940 by European-trained architects for wealthy American homeowners.

Tudor style homes have several notable features:

  • Asymmetrical architecture
  • Decorative half-timbering with stucco or masonry walls
  • Steeply pitched gable roofs
  • Richly decorated chimneys
  • Dormer windows
  • Casement windows with rectangular or diamond-shaped grilles
  • Window groupings
  • Dark window frames
  • Solid masonry construction
  • Decorative stone and brickwork

Best Window Shapes for Tudor Style Homes

  • Rectangular: This traditional window shape is most ideal for Tudor style homes.
  • Square: Often used as an accent dormer window or on a small wall at the end of a hallway, square windows are also found in Tudor style homes.
  • Transom: This horizontal window serves as a decorate feature above a door or window. It allows extra light to enter the room and often has muntins to divide the pane into smaller parts.

Best Window Styles for Tudor Style Homes

Casement: This is the most common window style found in Tudor homes. Multiple casement windows are often lined up in groups of three or more.

Bay or bow: When windows are placed in groups of three on a rounded wall, they become bay or bow windows, depending on the precise window layout.

Rectangular or diamond-shaped grilles: Windows in Tudor style homes are often divided into six or eight rectangular panes. Grilles are also sometimes arranged in a more intricate diamond pattern.

Decorative glass: Transom windows located above the main casement windows are often decorated with diamond-patterned leaded glass.

Window Materials for Tudor Style Homes

Wood: Since Tudor style homes are most recognizable because of exposed half-timbering on the exterior, it makes sense for window frames to also be made of wood. This continuity in building materials achieves a more authentic look. Just remember, wood has greater maintenance requirements and can be more expensive than other window materials.

Aluminum: Metal is another authentic window frame choice since leaded windows and grilles are so prevalent in Tudor style homes. The material also matches the luxurious metal door hardware commonly found with this style. Aluminum is easy to maintain and has a distinct, timeless appearance, making it perfect for Tudor style homes.

Popular Window Finishes and Colors for Tudor Style Homes

Dark wood tones: Cocoa-colored window frames are most commonly found in Tudor style homes because they match the color of painted half-timbering found on nearly all homes of this style.

White: Occasionally, Tudor style homes have half-timbering painted white instead of brown. In this case, the window frames should be painted to match.


Tudor Style Windows from Weather Shield

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