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Product Guide to Contemporary Windows

5/21/2015 3:00:51 PM

If you live in a home with modern architecture, finding the right windows to match the contemporary aesthetics can be challenging. Fortunately, Weather Shield offers a new Contemporary Collection of windows and doors to eliminate compromises. With this line of high quality windows you can choose a window with as much character and flair as your home.

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Why Choose Contemporary Windows?

The aesthetic appeal of contemporary windows is a huge draw, but you enjoy plenty of other benefits as well:
  • Energy efficiency: Enhanced frame and glazing technologies make contemporary windows some of the most efficient on the market. Choose efficient windows to keep your home more comfortable and lower your heating and cooling bills.
  • Soundproofing: The sound of noisy traffic and construction work are greatly diminished when you choose contemporary windows with soundproofing characteristics. Never again will your good’s night sleep or favorite TV show be interrupted by outdoor noises.
  • Home security: Windows are some of the most vulnerable parts of your home, but sturdy locks and high penetration-resistant glass help keep your family safe.
  • Ease of maintenance: Contemporary window frame materials are easy to clean with commercial detergent. Long-lasting materials reduce maintenance tasks to nearly zero.

Contemporary Window Styles & Sizes

The most popular contemporary window styles include:
  • Casements: Available up to 42 inches by 96 inches, modern casement windows now provide scenic vistas once reserved for picture windows. Minimal hardware folds away so it doesn’t detract from the clean lines of contemporary architecture.
  • Awnings: Operating sizes reach 60 inches by 48 inches for ample ventilation. Awning windows are perfectly paired with other windows in modern homes to create dramatic blocks of light.
  • 90-degree corners: The more glass you can incorporate into the walls, the more modern your home feels. Narrow corner mullion designs facilitate 90-degree windows for a less obstructed view to the exterior.
  • Specialty shapes: Add a personal touch by customizing your windows with specialty shapes. Pair them with other windows and doors to let more natural light enter.

Wide Selection Colors & Finishes

Contemporary windows come in a variety of distinctive colors and finishes:
  • Exterior options: Choose from standard colors such as white, tan, brick red or adobe. Metallic colors are particularly popular for contemporary homes and are available on extruded aluminum window frames.
  • Interior options: A variety of rich, solid wood interiors are designed to complement your furniture, cabinets and floors. Several wood species and attractive wood finishes let you customize the look you want.

Anodized Colors

Lifespan and Warranties

Thanks to the quality craftsmanship and materials that go into contemporary windows, you can expect them to outperform older windows from just a few decades ago. From long-lasting colors and finishes to sustained energy efficiency, contemporary windows last for decades to come.

In fact, all Weather Shield windows, including the Contemporary Collection, come with a 20-year warranty. This ample protection gives you peace of mind when making an investment.

To learn more about adding contemporary windows to your home, please contact us or find a dealer near you.

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