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Contemporary Coastal Windows

5/26/2016 8:38:53 AM

If you live on the coast, you get to take advantage of white sandy beaches, beautiful weather and gorgeous views on a daily basis that most people only dream of. Still, you face a few unique challenges from living on the coast that require you to install more durable windows, like Weather Shield's Premium Coastal product line. If you hope to install contemporary-style windows that can stand up to the rigorous demands of salty sea air and hurricane season, there are ways to incorporate some of Weather Shield's Contemporary Collection features into Premium Coastal products. In general, here’s what to look for in contemporary-style windows.

Qualities of Coastal Windows

  • Impact glass: Windows made from this special type of glass feature a laminated interlayer set between two panes of glass. The same technology is used in car windshields to prevent the glass from shattering on impact. Instead, the glass withstands breaking in most cases, and even when it does, the laminated layer holds the pane together. This is important in coastal homes where hurricanes send debris flying in every direction. By keeping high winds out, impact windows protect your belongings and reduce the chance of your roof being lifted off the house.
  • Durable materials: From day to day, coastal homes are subject to salty air brought in by ocean waves. This can corrode weak materials, so you need to choose coastal windows manufactured with durable frames. Aluminum-clad windows combine the strength and durability of aluminum on the outside with the warmth and character of wood on the inside. Additionally, seacoast hardware is a must as it has a special finish coating that resists degradation from salt and sand.

Contemporary Coastal Window Styles

  • Casement windows: The minimal site lines of casement windows provide an excellent view of the beach just outside. If you desire, you can create an entire wall of glass by installing casement windows side by side. Their crank-out functionality ensures a cool breeze when you need it.
  • Awning windows: This contemporary design swings outward on hinges placed at the top of the window. Install one window by itself or several together for more natural light and a great view of the coast.
  • Double-hung windows: Normally categorized as a traditional window style, double-hungs enjoy a modern twist when designed to tilt inward for easy cleaning. Just make sure you select double-hung windows engineered to withstand violent coastal storms.
  • Specialty shapes: Have something different in mind? Specialty window shapes – from trapezoids and triangles to arch-top windows and quarter-circles – offer a uniquely contemporary look to your home. When paired with impact glass and framed in a durable material, specialty window shapes are suitable for life on the coast.

Weather Shield Premium Coastal™ Windows

Weather Shield’s Premium Coastal™ Series features a variety of window and door styles to suit your tastes. By specifying your Premium Coastal products with the square glazing bead or our Contemporary Collection hardware, your Premium Coastal products can take on the look of contemporary windows. Impact-resistant laminated glass and aluminum-clad frames ensure durability. A variety of customizable designs allow you to select interior and exterior colors, glazing options, hardware, trim, and more. Premium Coastal products include push-out and traditional casement, awning, double hung, picture and direct set windows as well as hinged patio doors. Double hungs are available up to 8’ tall whereas operating casements up to 7’ tall.

Weather Shield has achieved High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certification on all of its Premium Coastal products without the need for exterior brackets or clips that may interfere with sightlines or a home’s visual appeal. The end results are windows that brave wind-borne debris from hurricanes and also stand up to an architect’s discerning eye.

For help choosing the right contemporary coastal windows for your home, please contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you today.


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