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What Are Awning Windows?

5/10/2016 7:25:03 AM

​Choosing the right windows affects the appearance, comfort and efficiency of your home. You have many choices to make, including which operating style you prefer. Could awning windows be right for your home? Learn how they operate, the benefits of awning windows and other considerations to keep in mind.


What Are Awning Windows?

A unique window style, awning windows pivot outward on hinges mounted at the top of the frame. You open and close the window with a crank mounted at the bottom. Awning windows are usually oriented horizontally compared to double-hung and casement windows that are typically oriented vertically. This offers a specialized look designed for unique applications.

Benefits of Awning Windows

  • Ample ventilation: The outward pivot of awning windows encourages more air to enter from outside. This creates excellent ventilation. Awning windows are also often mounted high on the wall to provide ventilation and natural light in rooms where privacy is a concern, such as in bathrooms and walk-in closets.
  • Operable even in bad weather: Usually a rainstorm signals the time to close the windows. However, since awning windows pivot outward on top-mounted hinges, you can keep them open during light rain without fear of moisture getting inside.
  • Weather-tight seal: Awning windows are also a good choice if you want your new windows to be highly energy efficient. They seal like a gasket when closed, keeping outdoor air from seeping inside.
  • Improved home security: It’s hard to beat the security of awning windows. Since they can only be operated with a crank from the inside, intruders find it impossible to open the window from outside. The traditional placement of awning windows high on the wall increases security further.
  • Modern appearance: Awning windows make great accents in unique areas of your home where you want a contemporary look.

Other Considerations

  • Awning windows need room to operate: Since they swing outward, awning windows jut out of the wall. This could make them inappropriate for windows that overlook a patio, deck or terrace where someone walking around outside could collide with the jutting sash.
  • Frequent washing is required: Pivoting outward makes awning windows particularly susceptible to water stains and dirt. If a spotless view is important to you, you’ll need to wash your awning windows frequently.
  • Screens mount on the inside:  The pivoting action of awning windows requires screens to be installed on the inside. Interior-mounted screens are easier to clean, but your pet’s sharp claws could be a problem if the awning window is installed low enough for your dog or cat to reach.
  • Window air conditioners aren’t well-suited for awning windows: This window style may not be the right option if you cool your home with window A/C units. You can make portable air conditioners work, but this option is much more expensive.
If you think awning windows are right for your home, Weather Shield has many product options to suit your needs. To learn more, please either contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you.

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