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What Are Impact Windows

5/20/2016 8:31:54 AM

Windows are an important part of every home and business, allowing light and air to enter when needed. But if you live on the eastern coast of the United States where hurricanes present a seasonal threat, windows are even more important. Without the right type installed, you could be putting your home at greater risk the next time a hurricane hits. To reduce the threat, you need impact windows.


What Are Impact Windows?

The purpose of impact-resistant windows is to withstand the force of flying debris during a hurricane or severe windstorm. These windows feature two pieces of heavy-duty glass with a tough laminated interlayer between the panes. This design helps prevent the glass from breaking, and even in extreme cases when it does break, the impact creates a spider web pattern on the glass without actually shattering the window. It’s the answer every coastal homeowner has been looking for.

Benefits of Impact Windows

  • Hurricane protection: With installation complete, you can sit back and enjoy 24/7 protection from hurricanes without worrying about putting up or taking down storm panels or shutters. By maintaining a fully enclosed home during a hurricane, you help protect your belongings and prevent strong winds from entering your home and blowing off the roof.
  • Burglar protection: Flying debris has a difficult time breaking impact windows, and the same goes for burglars attempting to enter your home. Try as they might, burglars are unable to smash through impact windows thanks to the heavy-duty glass and laminated interlayer.
  • Insurance premium discounts: Many insurance companies recognize the value of impact windows and their ability to protect against storms and intruders. For this reason, your installation may qualify you for lower insurance premiums. Contact your insurer for specific discount information.
  • Sound insulation: Noisy neighbor kids, construction and traffic are enough to ruin your favorite TV show or disturb your nap. Impact windows insulate your home, not only against outdoor temperatures, but outdoor noises as well. This makes your home more peaceful day and night.
  • UV protection: The sun’s ultraviolet rays heat up your home and fade your furnishings. The UV protection offered by impact windows reduces these effects, making your home less expensive to cool and preserving your favorite belongings.

Other Considerations

  • You must replace all your windows: In a hurricane, there’s no telling which way the wind will blow or where stray bits of debris will fly. For full protection, you should plan to replace all the windows in your home with impact windows. You also enjoy the other benefits of impact windows more fully this way.
  • Installation counts: Even the highest quality impact windows won’t meet your expectations if they’re installed poorly. Count on a qualified company to install your windows professionally for the best results.

Weather Shield’s Premium Coastal™ Collection features a variety of impact window and door styles to suite your tastes. For help choosing the right impact window replacements for your home, please contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you today.


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