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Windows and Doors Deserve More Credit

5/22/2019 12:37:21 PM

Sometimes the power of a window and door is underestimated. Truth is, there’s a lot more they can do than some might imagine and selecting the right windows and doors for your home can make a big, dramatic impact. They can let in far more light and nature, and extend living spaces by blurring the lines between what’s outdoors and what’s in.

Simply put, some windows and doors can transform a design from something that makes a good impression to a piece of art that makes a statement.
Weather Shield remains at the forefront of industry trends by leading the way with window and door offerings that take innovative configurations and shared space to the next level – and that offer larger sizes, more vast expanses of glass and convenience which can’t be rivaled.
Here are a few examples of how one window and one door can be so much more than just one window and one door. 

90° Corner Windows 
If you’re hoping to add big-time drama to a contemporary room, Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection 90° Corner Windowis the answer. Its narrow mullion design provides a superior view with fewer distractions. The result is a less-obstructed view that turns corners and turns heads.
Best of all, Weather Shield’s 90° corner window is available in standard or inverted options, which means no matter what kind of corner they occupy, there’s a lot more nature with a lot less wall. Now, any corner you choose can be a cornerstone of your design.

Automated Multi-slide Doors
If you’re looking to go big, Weather Shield’s Multi-Slide Doorsare luxe, minimalistic designs that maximize space. They offer exceptional efficiency, clean lines and panoramic views — creating a seamless transition between a home and the great outdoors. These massive doors can accommodate openings as large as 50’ wide and 10’ tall. Take a second to digest how enormous that is.
Impressive, right?
Plus, multi-slide doors are available in single, bi-parting and 90-degree corner configurations, making almost any design possible. They can either nest at the end of the track or for full-width passage, can recess inside a wall cavity.
And sure, a big door can seem like a lot of effort to move, but it doesn’t have to be. Multi-slide doors can be fully automated.  Panels can be controlled by a discreet wall switch or a hand remote or even connected to most smart-home systems, including Wink, Z-Wave and others. The system also includes sensors to prevent the door from closing on a person or object; the smallest amount of resistance signals the door to stop closing. And worry not, should the power go out, the motorized system has a battery backup that can handle a limited number of operations.
Make a Statement
Whether you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece of your next design or want to bring some existing plans to the next level, Weather Shield has plenty of amazing window and door offerings that can help make every single one of your projects an absolute masterpiece.
Learn more about how Weather Shield’s windows and doors can elevate your project by calling us directly at 800-538-8836 or by locating your nearest Weather Shield dealer.

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