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Advantages of Single Hung Windows

11/20/2014 3:27:00 PM

Are you considering replacing your home’s windows? Single hung windows are a great selection and come with many benefits. 

What Are Single Hung Windows?

With single hung windows, only the bottom sash is moveable—the sash at the top is fixed. They open vertically (up and down), so they use no interior space.

Advantage: Security

Because single hung windows only open in one direction, there are fewer points of failure on the window’s locking system. With only one lock, you may also be less likely to forget to lock your windows once you shut them for the day (or even for the season!).

Advantage: Energy Efficiency

With only one movable sash, there is less opportunity for air infiltration as the window ages. Installing replacement single hung windows also increases the energy efficiency of your home, as newer windows feature improved technology—including more energy efficient glass, frame, insulation, and more. The less air that can infiltrate through your window, the less you should waste on heating and cooling costs year round. It can also prevent moisture getting into your home (and, therefore, decrease the risk of mold, mildew, water damage, and wood rotting).

Advantage: Space Saving

Single hung windows are great to install in smaller rooms (such as studies, bathrooms, guest rooms, etc.) and areas with high traffic (entry ways, hall ways, etc.). Because they don’t open outward, they are ideal for tight spaces and allow for extra sunlight and cross breezes without losing any square footage in a room.

Advantage: Cost

When comparing cost, keep in mind that each manufacturer style and material of window will differ in cost. That said, single hung windows are often more affordable than double hung windows (mostly because there are fewer moving parts).

Advantage: Versatility

While they are a basic window with only one moving sash, single hung windows offer many options when it comes to style, wood, trim, shape, and finishing options.

Single hung windows come in the following shapes:

  • Eyebrow  eyebrow windows have a curved top edge that looks much like the shape of a human eyebrow.
  • Special shape – special shape windows come in a variety of geometric shapes.
  • Arch – arch windows are rounded at the top in the shape of a half-circle.
  • Gothic – gothic windows are arched windows, with the arch being sharper and less circular than a regular arch window.

With your selection of wood, trim, and finishing, you can also ensure that your single hung replacement windows blend with the architectural and aesthetic style of your home or business.

Weather Shield Advantages of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows from Weather Shield come with the advantages that are found in all of our window products: high efficiency glass and premium materials that are manufactured in the United States.

Single hung windows are a great choice for a home or business owners looking for windows with a timeless and elegant historic look with modern day efficiency and features. If you are interested in having single hung windows installed in your home or business, contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer today!

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