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What Are Casement Windows?

10/15/2013 8:09:20 AM

Casement windows have become a popular choice for home and business owners alike in recent years. Their ease of operation, large openings, and versatility have made them an excellent window choice for nearly any home.

Casement windows differ considerably from traditional windows. Rather than opening up and down, casement windows have a side hinged sash that cranks outward—making them an ideal choice for hard-to-reach areas.

Due to their swing out nature, casement windows cannot accommodate screens or window air conditioning units, so if these are important for you, you would be better suited to look for a more traditional single- or double-hung window.

Benefits of Casement Windows

There are several benefits of casement windows, whether you get fiberglass, vinyl-clad, or anything else. Some of the most important benefits include:
  • Casement windows fully open – Unlike windows that slide open partway, casement windows open completely, allowing a nice breeze into your home if you prefer that over running your AC in the summer.
  • Casement windows provide added break-in prevention – Locks on casement windows are embedded into the frame. This provides enhanced safety and security.
  • Casement windows are very energy-efficient – On average, casement windows are the second most energy-efficient type of window, after fixed-pane windows. When closed, casement windows have an airtight seal, preventing unwanted air-flow into and out of the house.
  • Casement windows open easily – Casement windows open easily with a crank, making them ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

Learn More About Our Casement Windows

If you would like more information on our casement window options or would like to have new windows installed in your home or business, contact us today to speak with one of our window experts or find a local Weather Shield dealer to schedule a consultation. 

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