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Bay Window Decorating Ideas

9/21/2012 3:08:00 PM

Bay windows alone can add unique design and flair to any room, but their impact can be even greater with the right decorating ideas. Although bay windows are often sought after, many homeowners are unsure how to properly decorate them to amplify their impact on the design of a room. There are several simple things you can do to decorate your bay windows and extend the impact they have on your home.

Bay Window Treatment Ideas

One of the most sought after features of bay windows is the increased natural light they provide to a room. But in homes with privacy concerns, or for those that want to enhance the impact a bay window has on a room, the right window treatments can go a long way. Bay windows are praised for their clean vertical lines, a distinctive look that would be diminished with the addition of horizontal blinds. Instead of using blinds, we recommend straight curtain panels, or even better – roman shades. Roman shades are an excellent way to provide privacy with a colorful and textural accent.

Bay Window Accessories

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when decorating around a bay window is putting a sofa or loveseat in front of it, largely cancelling out much of the benefit of having a bay window. Instead of doing this, we recommend placing a lounge or sitting chair next to the window paired with a small table. Adding a plant to this setup and a floor lamp can also help strengthen the aesthetics your bay window has on your room.

If you have a bay window in your kitchen, the above setup would not be appropriate. For bay windows located in kitchens, we recommend placing a small table next to the window and plants or other decorative accessories to create an attractive breakfast nook.

Bay Window Seating Ideas

An alternative decorating option is to build a window seat. To create a bay window seat, you need only a few materials. With some simple ply-wood cut to shape, a cushion on the top and some throw pillows to accent, you have a quick and cozy bay window seat – great for reading, conversation or observing the outdoors.

Using the ideas we’ve discussed above coupled with Weather Shield’s premium window lines can improve the aesthetics of any room. Our bay window products have thousands of customization options to match any decorating ideas you can imagine. Whether you want a classic look with wood windows or a more modern and environmentally friendly fiberglass window, we have design options that will meet your needs.

If you are considering adding a bay window to your home, or replacing an existing one, contact us today or find a local Weather Shield dealer to learn more about our bay window product offerings.

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